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    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    So the diffrence between you and me is not that far. I know there must opinions and that can help! But what I am saying is Criticism. As you said between Facemakers, there must some information sharing and criticism. But normal users, they should have some respect for the work. What I am...
  2. D

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    So the face making is just hobby and everyone can blame the work? You should blame for your comment. It is hobby but it has pretty hard process and precedures. Do you think it can be done by just put some PNG by Photoshop and save? No it's not. Use 3D MAX to make head and convert to FIFA...
  3. D

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    What is wrong you sepak???
  4. D

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    Add comment for SG. 1. Ohohoyaya, Wichnawoo, UTO, DPZONE, Eight, HaramV, Choikomun.. Every RFA patchers use their own head model or EA'. They never use other' like Shifty*nim so do not add that kind of odd comments. 2. You may not know but in Korea, there is a game called 'FIFA ONLINE' which...
  5. D

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    He is one of the best Face patcher in Korea. Also he is the best Face pathcer of the world. So please do not compare with some other or put some stupid opinions like seem old or texture color stuff. It doesn't good for you guys. We just open the soccergaming thread and it is for the every...
  6. D

    [UTO] FIFA 13 Faces

    유토님 할룽요!
  7. D

    [UTO] FIFA 13 Faces

    안농하삼요. 유토피아님!
  8. D

    Wichanwoo's FIFA 13 Faces

    위찬우 안농~! ㅋㅋ
  9. D

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    이런! 봉인해제는 타임 에프터 타임.. ㅋㅋㅋ we love rfa
  10. D

    Little gift:modded data3.bh specific for FIFA 13 Demo ball texture (read from folder)

    Ball patch is OK! (Original FIFA 13 DEMO ball is Adidas so the texture has a bit gap.
  11. D

    [FIFA13] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    It works Fidel! Thanks, I use your data3.bh and it works. However I didn't put my ball folder yet so the data3.bh has not have ballxx.rx3. :) You should remind everyone that. Thank you again!
  12. D

    [Tutorial] How To Change Generic Face To Specific Face

    Hello, Ledatcr2~^^ Glad to see you in FIFA 13!!!
  13. D

    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Only generic face can be patch because we cannot open dataX.bh. As the structure of the FIFA13 DEMO is same like FIFA12, only things that you have to do is make same directories on your FIFA13 DEMO folders(fifa13 demo/game/data/sceneassts/...) and copy your FIFA12 Face patches on the directory...
  14. D

    Real Fifa Arena Patch Show Room

    Sergio Busquets By WeChanWoo Suppose to be upload some day..:-)
  15. D

    [RFA]Eight' Face Thread

    Is moddingway watermark everything without any permission? The Face modeler Eight and I am so glad that soccergaming users love Eight' Face patches and thanks to users who show lots of lovely replies to us. But from we start to upload our patches, we get few questions. There was no...
  16. D

    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    [FIFA11]Fidel' Hybrid Gameplay 5.0 Promote Movie t3xKBxpC_2s Thanks Fidel, Your 5.0 Beta Ver was so amazing that I will use it for more. Some of my collegues said that the 5.0 Public Ver isn't that hard to play. However, though my editing and making movie skill is humble, I present...
  17. D

    [RFA]BestOne' Workshop

    Hello, This is Dinuni again. One of my Korean FIFA fan cafe member(I mean www.realfifaarena.com) want me to open his thread. Maybe he has same problem of email. BestOne, Who is one of Korean shoes(boot) patcher will upload photos and patches on this thread. Hope you enjoy that and please...
  18. D

    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    5.0 Beta Test HYBRID 5.0 BETA TEST I played Manager Mode with Sunderland for 5 more games of Legendary Difficulty. Most of all, you cannot get more than 4 goals in a game, if the opponent is MU or Chelsea, harder than others. Quite real as Fidel said, this is a real simulation! 1. One man...
  19. D

    [RFA]Eight' Face Thread

    This is a AC Millan Pack which made By RFA modeler Eight on 12.Fab.2011. He had been trying to open New Thread on Soccergaming, but he failed. I don't know but he said that the forum rule prohibit newbie' opening thread. So I open his thread by myself and will upload continuoulsy...
  20. D

    FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

    [FIFA11]MU, HYBRID 4.9.2 Part 3 2fng2fj310M Because of the BGM, German youtube user cannot listen to the BGM. Keyboard Play Legendary difficulty I think when I use Hybrid, I should change my difensive style. Before, I use E, D, S keys - FIFA08 Controller set up - but I changed it as...