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    Confirmed Transfers

    What bothers me, is that we could have got him directly from Paços for like 2M and now Atletico put a buyout clause of 22M,:S
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    FC Porto Thread [2014-2015]

    I kinda like it. It looks an old school kit from 90s. The sponsor will make it worse as allways. We need to wait how it looks in the players before taking more conclusions about it. We should be more worried about the away kits. I hope they are fake. Pinto da Costa would never allow a...
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    FC Porto Thread [2013-2014]

    What happened with Herrera yesterday? I have never seen a player so nervous in the pitch. He lost almost every ball and couldnt even make a decent short pass. This would be understandable in any 18 y.o launched directly from the youth squad to a game a like this but not in a player with some...
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    New Kits 2013/2014

    FC Porto new kits bAyOcP1XVH4& :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:
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    New Kits 2012/2013

    Better pic of Porto kits:
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    New Kits 2012/2013

    FC Porto 2012-2013 official: Finally we got rid of that ugly sponsor box at the home kit:33vff3o:
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    Guimattoss Stadiums Converted

    Outstanting work. Can you convert Estádio do Dragão (From PES if possible). I would love if you could add the flags / banners in the correct places to make it even more real. The same with Sporting and all other stadiums. If you need help about flags location just tell me.
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    The UEFA Champions League 2011/12 Thread

    Porto, Man Utd, Man City, Valencia .... Europa League will be huge this year.
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    No Folder For ui , overlays , etc

    just create it.
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    FC Porto Thread [2011-2012]

    http://www.vitorpereirajafoidespedido.com/ (H)
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    Fifa 12 custom chants!

    I can confirm that there are no home team chants when the home team is leading. Ea has to fix this bug. It ruins all the eperience.:clapwap:
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    Fifa 12 custom chants!

    My preview of Portugal chants. Porto vs Benfica custom chants: ImtmIeNdHuY CTXXgPFfjsY
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    Player controlled team's custom chants in Career Mode?

    I have tested it and I can hear the chants. (I only played the first firendly.) Try to start a new career. Doesn´t make much sense but maybe it works.
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    International Chants pack by Brunoloko re-upload?

    Hi. Does anybody have International Chants pack made by Brunoloko? Please re-upload.
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    Premiership Chants pack ready to go!

    Great work on League Two.;)
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    Stadiums 2012

    @davidmende Do you have the Estádio do Dragão (the one converted from PES by Soccercrazy)? I can´t believe I lost it:facepalm:
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    Stadiums 2012

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    Fifa 12 custom chants!

    I will try to make the tutorial later today. For spanish league chants and for all chants in general, the best way is to search in youtube. Forget about chants sites like fanchant.co.uk. Nothing beats youtube.;) I am converting and improving all the chants made by BrunoLoko for...
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    File Master 12

    Works good here. Windows 7 Professional 32bits. You need to associate a program that can open .dds files to the .dds file extension in the options menu.
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    Fifa 12 custom chants!

    It woks:D:D:D A note how to succesfully delete and re-add playlists to wmp library In wmp right-click in the playlist and click "delete". When promped choose the option delete from library only. To reimport the playlist you need to save it again. Go to the playlist file and right-click ->...