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Search results

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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    we all remembered you hero81 my friend !
  2. R

    [Tool] FIFA File Explorer (coming soon)

    wow gr8 tool waiting
  3. R


    go to texture editor 12 and choose active big file in to folder for big 3 do it twice for the game folder
  4. R

    Martini' s KITs

    no comment just perfect
  5. R

    Martini' s KITs

    gr8 gr8 and gr8
  6. R

    Martini' s KITs

    please use mediafire
  7. R

    Ask about a hidden face?

    169838 Richard Yu
  8. R

    |SckraT's Works| FIFA 12

    great texture
  9. R

    Classic kits by kielczyns

    great as usually if i may ask i`d like u to make Inter Milan
  10. R

    Classic kits by kielczyns

    fantastic kits i love all of them
  11. R

    ~^@>vegasos face back<&^~

    nice amr zaki model need little morphing and new texture if u want i`ll send u my fif12 texture for amr zaki
  12. R

    ~^@>vegasos face back<&^~

    fantastic work friend keep making for any help i`m here
  13. R

    FIFA 12 3D Editor - Faces

    GREAT NEWS plz see Tenecee idea and see if we can convert fifa 10 faces also as they have the same vertex but with another format
  14. R

    Martini's KITS

    you should make a tutorial for ur stunning work
  15. R

    aLex`s faces

    great work friend you are in your zenith
  16. R

    ManUtdFan20's Kit Workshop

    nice work
  17. R

    ShevaESES Kit Store

    great barca kit extra nice
  18. R

    aLex`s faces

    thnx 4 that great work and thnx 4 hulk face
  19. R

    Cris-9 Faces

    souleymane diawara Model???
  20. R

    aLex`s faces

    Extra ordinary modelling and faces but plz post ur works to mediafire or any site else as gamefront is not working