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    FIFA 10 2013-2014 Mega Patch By Fatalrhym (Convert FIFA 14)

    Have you added more teams to the 'International' League / Group of national teams? I think Be A Pro mode will crash if you add more teams to that section.
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    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    FYI, I increased the brightness of the pitch via editing the mow pattern png files in photo shop. You said you decreased the pitch for sunny day. I found that in general the pitch was too dark, especially with some mow patterns. But in some stadiums, some areas in the crowd are too bright, so...
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    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    How do you get those sunset player shadows? One problem I am trying to fix in my game is that on sunset there is (almost) no player shadows at all. (very hard to see any shadows) Do you think trying your new_pitch_grass_lighting files will fix that player shadow problem on sunset or is it...
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    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    In Fifa 10, for some reason the only mow pattern slots that work are '1' and '3'. In CM10, when you are in a stadium and you select a mow pattern for that stadium, if you select any other slot other than 1 or 3 it will show a generic glitchy mow pattern in the game. However you can export any of...
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    FIFA 10 Grass patch by Sami 1999

    Nice grass, looks really good in the cutscenes. I have been editing the mow patterns to make the pitch a little brighter. But your grass is interesting I had my own grass_stripwithalpha.tga but yours has a very cool look to it.
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    More International Teams

    Thank you. Since my post from 2009 I have found a cmp patch (i think in 2010) that had all the international teams. It was a great patch but it was from a long time ago. I have not updated the international team rosters since then and there are many new players on international teams in 2013, so...
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    Modded camera.dat

    I successfully modded camera.dat and improved the cameras for Fifa 2003. The default cameras were in dire need of improvement. I edited most of the cameras in the game, including panoramic and sideline cameras. They dramatically enhance the presentation of the game, especially since there are no...
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    Kits' problem in FIFA10

    make sure you regenerate in FM10. and when you delete a stadium, make sure you delete all the files from that stadium in the zdata. record the stadium id before you delete it in CM10, so you can search for the stadium files via stadium id in the zdatas.
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    fifa 2003

    yeah i like it too. anyone else still playing fifa 2003? i have a few questions about it. hopefully i can find some peeps still playing it.
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    PS1 Version

    Anyone still play the PS1 version of Fifa 2005? I absolutely love the gameplay in this version, it is very different from the PS2 and PC versions.
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    What were you doing when you joined SG?

    haha great story. so you were one of the people that Blagojevich was fighting for in that press conference before he was removed as governer. i also did most of my modding when Fifa 10 came out, late 2009 early 2010, when I was out of work that winter. we had snowstorm after snowstorm and most...
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    How do you manage squads over time?

    For those who play Fifa 10 (PC) regularly, how do you manage the squads as time goes on? (for exhibition mode) like for club squads like Man United, or Real Madrid? Do you have multiple versions of the same squad? Like when the game came out, there was a 2009 version of Man United in the...
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    CM10 and other Fifa Master tools - Official Thread

    Another issue I am having is the inability to actually change covmap-xxx-1.fsh files for a specific stadium. is anyone able to actually swap covmap fsh files and have the new field shadows appear in-game? i tried changing a stadium's covmap through CM10 and also through replacing the fsh file in...
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    CM10 and other Fifa Master tools - Official Thread

    When you use CM10, and go to a stadium, do the options "Shadow Left" or "Shadow Right" work correctly? They don't seem to change a thing. I tested the same stadium on Sunny Day, one time with "Shadow Right" checked in CM10, and the next time with it unchecked in CM10, and the shadows looked...
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    Sun Position / Stadium Shadows

    ok i think i found it. in the tag-xxx-1.loc file, there is a section called "Sun 1 Position". this is how the tag-xxx-1.loc file starts: 3 Sun 1 Position 3569.523926 5879.215820 -4724.370117 So if i wanted to move the sun to high noon, so there will not be any stadium shadows on the...
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    Sun Position / Stadium Shadows

    Ok, trest, i installed the Loc Reader/Writer X tool, and tried opening up a few .loc files. what i did was used file master 10 and extracted the sle-xxx-x.loc files and the tag-xxx-x-loc file of a particular stadium in one of the zdatas, and opened it up with the loc reader. In the tag file...
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    Sun Position / Stadium Shadows

    Thanks for the info trest. Do you happen to have that tool? EDIT: nevermind I found it. you can download it from the korean (non-english) fifa korea site. Thanks so much!
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    Sun Position / Stadium Shadows

    How does one edit the position of the sun for "Sunny Day" matches? depending on which stadium you play in, you could have shadows of the stadium that cover a significant portion of the field. sometimes this is good, and sometimes this is bad, but it would really help to be able to move the...
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    Fifa 10 Profile editor

    unlike older fifas, in fifa 10 pc you cannot just hex edit the parameters inside the A. Profiles file. (if you do you will get an error in the game and the profile will no longer work) this makes it hard, you have to use common.ini and other ini files, then reset game settings to default in the...
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    Balls request!

    i have a different problem. when i import a ball, the ball works in the match, but when i view saved replays with that ball after the match, it shows the wrong ball.