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  1. L

    Slims Minimods

    fifa club world cup, can't waitt :D
  2. L

    EEP Season Patch 19/20

    hallo slim, thanks for your work.. if I export your players tab, playerteamlinks tab and import to my own squad, it's I will get your newest transfers??
  3. L

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    thanks for your reply, I know what your talking about, and now I will modify my teamkit tab
  4. L

    FIFER's Realism Mod

    Thanks fifer, great mods Could you please make just REALISTIC TRAINING Mods?
  5. L

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Its AIO 10 Comptible with FIP 2.2 ??
  6. L

    EEP Season Patch 19/20

    Hello, it's EEP 2.7 compatible with EA title update14, 30 may ????
  7. L

    fifa world club (interclub)

    Club world cup already in FIP mod
  8. L

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    Hallo nafer, I have an error, can’t create new team sheet, both in the career mode and edit teams menu...... and I can’t change the default formation for some team ex: souhampton... Please fix in the next update and thanks for your patch
  9. L

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    Big thanks @NaFeR
  10. L

    FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table

    thanks , it's work :shades:
  11. L

    FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table

    thank for your answer... one more question, how to select not to retire?
  12. L

    FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table

    can this tool decrease transfer activity in CM? while I hate it when some popular players move to other team
  13. L

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    thanks Nafer.. its possible to adding fifa club world cup????
  14. L

    MIX's Faces

    could you please re-upload macey face ?
  15. L

    W.S face improvisations

    alvaro vadillo please
  16. L

    FIFA Infinity Patch 18

    hallo @NaFeR , I install FIP 4.0 (custom.cgp), I get Error when loading banner_110976 then I click continue and CGE window has open but in the other window, CGE still loading banner_110976... then I close all CGE windows and run FIFA 18, I checked the FIP 4.0 successfully update... I just wanted...
  17. L

    eafh's Graphics Room

    Amazing PL popups, can't wait!!