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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    he's got the same agent as Zlatan, so PSG could totally work (one in, one out negotiation as far as Mino is concerned) ... the only issue is if they are ready to go young for their striker ... I think Auba is the best fit for PSG, if they can fend off Real Madrid: French speaking, has calcio...
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    New Kits 2015/2016

    adidas is doing templates too ... the issue isn't simply nike using templates, but the weirdly-colored/off-putting sleeves, and a lack of anything unique for the major teams playing at the EUROs ... the crazy thing is that the less glamorous nations got much better kits ... Croatia's kits...
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    USA National Team Thread

    Mou needs a job ...
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    Joga Bonito

    Zambia has dual citizenship now, and invited him :-D ... hopefully his brothers get call-ups and accept ...
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    I'd rather take Rashford and Lingard ...
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    bring Srallex back ...
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    Champions of England [2015-2016]

    Italian managers are a tradition for the Chels ... but you're right to be skeptical ... Conte is extremely obstinate when it comes to choice of both players and system ...
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    I still can't f*cking believe it ...
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    Champions of everything (again) thread

    couldn't have said it better ... his influence on the sport was unparalleled; his legacy will live on forever ...
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    The Rule of Two

    I wish I could say Alaba ... still in love with him, even if he's been used in more conventional ways when I've seen him recently ...
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    I like the look of an England 4-4-2 with Stones, Barkley, Sterling, Kane and Vardy ... Rashford doing a Kluivert impression as a supersub ... if Arnau hasn't already said it at some point: England EURO Champions ... fairytale, and then more time to focus on the only league that matters ...
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    The Rule of Two

    Michels+Cruyff -> Cruyff+Pep -> Pep+??? who is the new sith apprentice?
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    QotW: Signature Celebration - Favorite and Least Favorite?

    Love - Ronaldo Finger Wag Hate - Thomas Müller stand-around-screaming-with-fists-clenched what's yours?
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    Rugby World Cup Thread

    de Villiers captaincy not quite working out for the Boks like it did for the Proteas ... ---
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    ^ yeah, but when you're French, of similar complexion, *and* score a goal like that on debut in the Prem for a title contender against their bitter rivals, it's hard to shake those comparisons off ...
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    The Official Paris Saint Germain Football Club Thread

    hah, Trapp is as crap as Sirigu, and possibly worse ... might as well have the Italian back in the XI ...
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    Rumours Center

    it happened a long time ago, in an alternate universe:
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    Confirmed Transfers

    #9 jersey though ... :S
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    based on the recent two-horse races, can you blame them? would Allegri survive if Garcià does? Capello is getting ready either way ... Milan are, but he's still injured ...