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    Broadcast Camera Mod?

    Hey all! Anyone could tell me a quick and easy tutorial about tweaking the broadcast camera? I'd prefer something like fbmod, so I dont need to do anything after opening the game... e.g Fidel shared a modified musedata_match.big in FIFA 18 which was cool, but after comparing that to the FIFA 20...
  2. D

    FIFA 20 Live Editor

    Does it have the GUI aswell or later?
  3. D

    Creation Wizard 19

    Do you mean ingame or inside the tool? In the tool it is saved, yes ingame, I have the save on matchday, and the formation is untouched
  4. D

    Creation Wizard 19

    Im trying to change the formation of my team in player career mode but without luck, the team keeps using the default formation. I know this tool is designed for manager mode, but cant find any reason why it shouldnt work because the rest things in roster tab work fine. Am I doing anything wrong?
  5. D

    FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table

    Thanks for the reply. I exactly did the same, and the same thing happens. After hiting advance everything gets saved but only until I reenter the career. I even tried to save the career after pressing advance
  6. D

    FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table

    Bro, whenever I make some changes through GUI in my player's career it works until I quit the career. Everytime I load the career save every changes I made get reseted, could you recommend anything to fix this problem? EDIT: same case with the birthdateyear, it keeps getting reseted
  7. D

    Total Football in FIFA 19?

    Hello guys Is it possible in some way? Ive been trying to accomplish Total Football, but it seems impossible in this year's game.. Doesnt matter how many formations, tactics, tricks I try, its just impossible.. Ive tried atleast 50+ different formations and tactics combinations, spent hours of...
  8. D

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    EA have deleted lots of hidden faces unfortunately.
  9. D

    Perry's Faces

    Did you think of making faces for De Jong and Arthur? Im sure they wouldnt be priorities for you coz they have no starheads, but if you are really out of ideas/orders would you mind creating them? Just in case Gman finally releases Frosty and we can assign faces to them by changing IDs Thanks in...
  10. D

    Frosty Editor's encryption key?

    FIFA 19 is read-only right now. New update of Frosty is coming in the upcoming weeks, which will let you import things, so be patient
  11. D

    Perry's Faces

    Will you update Lukaku's face aswell as you did in FIFA 18? Thanks for your fantastic work :D
  12. D

    Perry's Faces

    Hey man, thanks for your stupendous work, keep it up! I would like to ask if its possible for you to convert Arthur Melo's textures from PES, im honestly surprised nobody has made a face of him, he is going to be a world class midfielder in the upcoming years Although Frosty is not ready yet...
  13. D

    Perry's Faces

    ? isnt it Carvajal? :O
  14. D

    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    Hey kris do you plan making Arthur Melo?
  15. D

    CG File Explorer 18

    You can only edit WC squads by editing the DB.
  16. D

    FIFA 19 Faces

    Nice work, keep it up!
  17. D

    So Sick Of EA's Random "Difficulty" Coding

    FIFA 18's gameplay was nearly perfect when they released it(there was a topic about this, someone wanted to turn the game back to vanila), until the first update they released.. after that update all they said in changelog was "Fixed goalkeeper reflexes" but overall they changed the whole...
  18. D

    Perry's Faces

    Perry, you posted some screenshoots of Suarez with his hair completely removed around January. Did you stop working on him?
  19. D

    Perry's Faces

    Stunning Benzema!