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Search results

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    MuriloCr$ FIFA 14 Faces

    Very nice Vargas, but I think his face width should be a bit thinner, especially around the cheek.
  2. S

    Fahad's Minifaces

    "Reason: I'm injured, guys" I rarely come here now. Damn, I rarely get out of bed :\
  3. S

    [MOD] paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod

    Edit two teams with anything less than 40 aggression in team formation window with CM14 :junior: try it :cool:
  4. S

    Balls and Boots

    Hey Rab, Dof20 posted the model of Puma evoPOWER BALL (but the texture is shitty). Could you try it? :)
  5. S

    EASFC Updated Catalogue

    Thanks a lot man :)
  6. S

    Face Request Thread

    Preferred Facemaker: any Preferred face: Fernando (Lucas Martins) - Shakhtar Donetsk Please, anyone?
  7. S

    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Suarez could be the "Surprise". But since he doesn't play in Real, Barca, PSG blah blah blah, maybe not.
  8. S

    [MOD] paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod

    I think I found a way to reduce the constant pressing. But you have to do db editing (just a teeny weeny lil' bit). If there is no way in the .ini files i.e.
  9. S

    FIFA 14 Face Project by sam red devil

    Damn people :f***: Getting others' hopes up by saying "Thanks for Pack" The pack isn't even fucking released.
  10. S

    DizzeeSpellz '14 Face Archive

    dat Sterling Maet
  11. S

    vojasrbin's Faces

    Awesome Rode
  12. S

    [MOD] paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod

    well, fuck it then. It's all good to me B)
  13. S

    [MOD] paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod

    yeah I did + I also removed all the passing factors. I guess the attribdb files are awesome.
  14. S

    [MOD] paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod

    Man, V0.3 is so sick!!! I was able to beat Argentina 8-0 (fistfuck) with Brazil. Everything I did came out to be just fine. This is amazing. Thanks Paulv2k4 :)
  15. S

    Wolverine 14

    thanks for pack :)
  16. S

    krisaju95's Hybrid Faces

    Oh :sb9:
  17. S

    krisaju95's Hybrid Faces

    Kris, I really like your Begovic face but there be some problems with hair, at both sides and at the bald spot (it doesn't fit) :(
  18. S

    Exmm10's Faces

    Thanks for Kadlec :)
  19. S

    Exmm10's Faces

    Wow dude, someone's making Kadlec.