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    FM Screenshot Thread

    GILBERTO!!!!! heh, what is he doing now? coaching position, or just one of those random people?
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    Chelmsford City Succession Game

    Just found this after a long absence from SG. I'll take over for next season, if no-one is in line for it.
  3. F

    The Classics

    Bad form. You took four tries to get to Stacy Kiebler. I'm surprised you're showing so much restraint, Bobby.
  4. F

    Has the glitter of the top european leagues ruined how people see their own leagues?

    About Koreatown, none of the Koreans in Australia follow the K-League. It's natural that diaspora are less likely to be attracted to second-rate leagues (which they are) than to the top leagues which they have ready access to on TV. Koreans in Korea, on the other hand... they take the K-League...
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    wow, what are the average ratings like? you only did concede 3 goals, but your backline got that terrible rating? Can defenders average over 7?
  6. F

    FM Screenshot Thread

    As it should be. But two penalties in 16 mins is tough.
  7. F

    Cheap Jerseys?

    award this man the internets.
  8. F

    Cheap Jerseys?

    They don't do very good pinstripes, though. The Arsenal away and third don't look as great as the other kits.
  9. F

    The Arsenal [2009/2010]

    or five. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGZTKtH5FQU how do i embed videos? god i feel old
  10. F

    best speech ever.

    Ah... the days when even perennial mid-carders like Steiner could cut a decent promo.
  11. F

    The "Cristiano Ronaldo's future" saga thread.

    so it's ok if madrid pay an obscene amount for kaka and cronaldo, but it's not if man city do? go **** yourself in the anus platini.
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    FM Screenshot Thread

  13. F

    The People's Champions v Manchester City [P|R]

    well done sirs the title is now in our hands, surely
  14. F

    The Arsenal [2008|2009]

    Phil Brown was born from Fat Sam's crap.
  15. F

    "I'm 13. I think it's good to have a baby"

    does he even have pubes? good god.
  16. F

    An Ultimate Player Achievement

    What, as opposed to the Eredivisie?
  17. F

    Happy CNY!!!

    Yep, next weekend. Must take train to unknown backwater town to stay with just as unknown relatives. Should be fun.
  18. F

    Official: Make FIFA give Luxembourg a spot

    oh dear. so, is there a record for worst goal difference by a host?
  19. F

    whats the last text/SMS on your phone say?

    Oh wow. I guess mobile phone plans in general are much more expensive... in Korea (one of two redeeming qualities of Korea, the other being the subway) it's normally something like 2.5c per text with no incoming text fee (wtf is with that anyway?) and calls are 7.2c per minute so. I have...