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    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Awesome work Alex (Prince of Fifa Boots) Waiting your work for Hypervenom :3
  2. I

    Creation Master 16

    Hey, Thank you for CM 16 and It's great work I have problem when open FIFA16 after edit boots DB by CM16 What I do in this solution ? and I add new boots in fifa16 I can see it in online ProClubs? Please help me, Thank you Rinaldo
  3. I

    The Arsenal Foundation

    Please I wish you can make it bro Thank you for your work and keep going
  4. I


    Good job bro keep going
  5. I

    IBRO Boots

    Thanks dude What you mean logos on boots ? you can try it and tell me what's wrong. Thank you bro I will try for Hypervenom, and I will try to mitigation gloss Thank you bro for your comment and I will edit it and try for 1% visability thank you again thank you dude
  6. I

    IBRO Boots

    Thank you dude for help me and approved my topic yup this my first I'm serious, thank you All links has been upgraded enjoy :-D thank you riesscar, all files uploading done and all links has been upgraded thank you dude I hope you like it :-D
  7. I

    IBRO Boots

    Hello everyone I'm IBRO, today I post first my boot and I hope everyone like it. My first boot texture design "NIKE TIEMPO LEGEND VI", I'm designing it on old model of NIKE TIEMPO V - Texture .. - Reflex .. - Bump .. - Captured from game. .. Still I don't have...
  8. I

    Graphics by Ron69

    I think need more working on quality . keep going
  9. I

    Important - Frustration Boots

    Use FHL-BH-Editor and regenerate by it
  10. I

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    How I can add or CreatePlayerBoot in Proclubs Fifa16 ?
  11. I

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Boot texture request Tiempo Legend 6 2016 http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/12/nike-tiempo-legend-vi-euro-2016-boot.html http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/10/red-nike-tiempo-legend-6-2016-boots.html http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/11/nike-tiempo-legend-boots-returns-to-nikeid.html...
  12. I

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Neymar's Hypervenom boot +1
  13. I

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Thank you dude for support Fifa editing fans, but I need to help how I can add new boots not replace original boots in fifa 16 ?
  14. I

    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    You are awesome Alex, but I need help for how to add new boots for Fifa 16 not replaced some original boots ? thanks you dude