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    Tips & Tricks

    I must ask... On this photo http://www.serbian-warez.in.rs/showthread.php?tid=20089&page=1 Can somebody tell me how to set MC player like Lampard here and ST player like Drogba? I don't see this option when I go on 1st team players and click on tactics Is this while playing match or what?
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    About 3D match play

    That option have allready in fifa manager 10 and of course fifa manager 11.... http://icybertrek.com/iGamez/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/FIFA-Manager-10-Patch_7.jpg Look at this picture... Just go on OPTIONS and on left side you will see "slider" 2x speed match 3x speed match and I think 4x...
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    Fifa manager 11 save game editor?

    I know for money cheat, but I don't need that... What I need is editor... For editing save game (or now playing game) player stats/ability, club info, player names, realations, club facilities, coach info and ability etc. If you look on Football manager fmrte you will see what kind of editor...
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    Fifa manager 11 save game editor?

    Both game fifa and football manager have their own editor that work for new games. But I need trainer/editor for fifa manager 2011 that could load and edit save game. I've search a litlle bit on internet and I found that football manager have FMRTE editor (Football Manager REAL TIME editor)...
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    Fifa manager 11 save game editor?

    Is there any editor that eneble save game editing? Few years ago I was playing football manager and it was some kind of a trainer that eneble editing players stats, transfers, club info, club finances etc. So I whant to ask if somebody know that kind of editor for fifa manager 11
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    FIFA MANAGER 10 database update season 2010/11???

    If someone know where I can find new datebase with transfers untill 01. June 2010?? I tryed with patch 4.0 but I can't install it (it say "you already have newer version" or something like that) Please if you know leave me download link
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    Oedit for Windows 7

    Ok, tnx mates for this version of OEdit. Now I can open it but I have other problem. When I conver .bin file with PES4 POC Converter to OEdit and load face texture I don't have 3D preview (like I had on Windows XP) and I can't move any of dots :S If I can't move anthing and if I not have...