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    paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Mods

    Hi All.. I have just downloaded the new version 1.5.1, to make the new updates effective, i have to start a new career , or i can continue the one started with the version 1.4.4?
  2. E


    Yes, some mods have long benches, I think it can be achieved by modifying something in the database or in the squadfile, maybe if someone could tell us what to change
  3. E

    EEP 20

    Hello friends, Does this mod also have the Italian B series?
  4. E

    Stadiums Mod_Burchet

    Thanks! I succeeded, but even modifying the database myself, the mod remains incompatible with the "Infinity Patch" mod
  5. E


    same problem for me too. no changes are then detected in the game
  6. E

    Stadiums Mod_Burchet

    Yes had already read, but unfortunately I can't understand it, what exactly do I have to change in "You can do this inside file or data base by changing the table teamstadiumslink" which ID should I change to 0 ? in the squadfile I can assign a stadium to a team, right? I would like instead in...
  7. E

    Stadiums Mod_Burchet

    Hi, please, you can make this mod compatible with that of Infinity Patch, or if you could please tell me what to change to teamstadiumslink
  8. E


    Hello Guys, last year with Frosty, I was able to assign an official stadium to a stadium without a stadium. I mean, I assigned the Anfield stadium to Rapid Wien, modifying the string in stadiumteamslink, this year, I can't change the db, could you help me? PS Is there the possibility of making...