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    FIFA Manager Season 2020

    I have another remark: in England, the stadium capacities are wrong. I think this is because the basic setting for England is that terraces are not allowed and most stadiums in championship and below have terraces. A lot of stadiums thus miss several thousands places in capacity. Sadly I can not...
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    FIFA Manager Season 2020

    Thanks, I didn't know it was that easy to solve. Thanks for the quick response!
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    FIFA Manager Season 2020

    I use the latest version (1.4), downloaded it a few hours ago. The screenshots are 2 examples in-game and the complete Fifa manager folder.
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    FIFA Manager Season 2020

    I installed both the database and the stadium photos and the game runs fine, however the background of all the menus is completely black, so I can not read any text/player names etc. properly. How can I fix this? (I play manager 14 by the way)