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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    Question: My DB14 is working but CM14 is not. Im making the assumption that it has to do with Directx somehow. Also DB14 opens fine so I dont thing it has to do with the reg fix thing. Anyway, I have DirectX 11 but it doesnt seen to work, the software wont even start, nothing happens. The...
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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    I see a lot of people asking why CM wont even start. In my case, I installed Net framework 4.0 and Direct x 9 as instructed by Rinaldo. I installed CM14 Beta 5 and when I click the shortcut (I also tried directly clicking the exe file), the program wont run. I also tried the Run as admin. I...
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    FIFA 13 DB Files ?

    I have a problem. when I open FM 12, it pops up an error saying ************** Exception Text ************** System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at FileMaster.FileMasterForm.DescribeExtension(String fileName) at...
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    Gabriel's Faces

    http://img846.imageshack.us/f/mikuv.jpg/ This is miku fedor Comments please
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    Gabriel's Faces

    http://img202.imageshack.us/f/aranjo.jpg/ This is Arango Comments please... I know it needs infinite amount of work but im having trouble finding a good pic
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    Gabriel's Faces

    Hello I'm new at this but I would like to help. I from Venezuela and I'm going to be making face for Venezuelan soccer players. However I need a lot of help since I've been testing my skills and I need a lot practice. With your help I will get better and that will benefit me and you since you...
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    I can´t to add more faces. Why?

    mmm... well that sucks. Yeah Im using Vista x64 os. Is there any way to create new zdata manually without using CM 10? Well thank for the help, at least I know whats the problem. I guess Im gonna have to go back to x32 OS to be able to mod fifa the way I want to. Im going to ask evolution if he...
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    I can´t to add more faces. Why?

    :nape: Well what I did was that I selected zdata 51, but becuase Im not an expert IDK how often im supose to change my Zdata. however when i checked my zdata in my data folder there was no Zdata 51. I suposed that CM10 didnt create a Zdata 51 because it was not necessary or sometthing...
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    I can´t to add more faces. Why?

    Well I have a simmilar problem. I expanded my database and I started adding faces and everything looked normal. I added faces for Mexico, Brazil, England, Germany, and France (about 55-65 faces not sure). Then I stared add faces for Portugal and when I putted a face on Meireles the program...
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    Is there another program like Oedit to opn O models?

    Same thing happens to me. first it seen like the file has no extension. IDK how to open it. I tried renaming it. didnt work =(
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    Request a Face Thread

    Hi this isnt really a request. I am trying to find a Venezuelan facepack if somebody knows where find one. Im not asking for the whole team, just whatever you could find. any venezuelan face would be help us (except Miku Fedor I have that one). i am trying to make some faces too. I know...
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    How to: Convert .o files to .3ds?

    Hi im very new with this editing stuff, and I have some questions about OFW3: 1.Is this program compatible with vista becuase I try to open it and It seen like a file with no extension. I tried renaming it OFW3.exe but it didnt work? 2. Could someone give me a WORKING link for different...