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    FIFA 14 To FIFA 15 Hair Converter

    I´m working on a tool to convert from 15 to 14.
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    FIFA 14 To FIFA 15 Hair Converter

    Hi there. Hope this tool helps modders to create even better faces. It´s a FIFA 14 to FIFA 15 Hair Converter DOWNLOAD IT http://www.moddingway.com/file/50473.html How to install -------------- Unpack files to a folder How it works ------------- - Run the program. - Browse for...
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    Stark Industries

    Amazing :D
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    FIFA File Explorer 2015

    Thanks mate! Just amazing !!!!
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    FIFA 15 Modding Thread

    I guess that won´t be possible since the number of bones of FIFA 14 faces is smaller comparing with FIFA 15 ones. Then the only thing that could be done is to convert faces but without animation ( like 13 to 14 ones ) Now FIFA 15 has many close-ups during the game that faces without animation...
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    Well yes. I was able to import tables from squad files and it works but it does not work in career mode and we don´t have playersnames table. We need to decrypt EASF to get the ng_db database from game otherwise we won´t be able to edit the game properly. As I´ve told you I´ve contacted...
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    Try to export the original database with jenkey tool without autodecompress. I´m sure is not a problem with regenerator.
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    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    I have already contacted Jenkey to find out if he could take a look at new EASF. He said that EASF is similar to last year one and he hopes he can find free time to update Fifa file explorer when full game available.
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    FIFA 15 Faces

    They are not compatible. Probably we can try to convert them. I´ll check
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    AMazing news mate!
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Check in data_front_end.big It seems there is a database uncompressed.
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    As soon as I finish downloading and I can run the game I´ll try to get the database file from ram :)
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Probably. Sure about fifa_db will be available without EASF compress in final release. I´m not sure about the other stuff. Anyway we can uncompress chunkzip2 so good news :D
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    No more data1.big, etc now they have names. Graphics, audio, starup, etc Files are compressed as Chunkzip2, except startup that is compressed with EASF ( unknown algorithm by now ) Unfortunately fifa.db is in data_startup.big. Only chance to get it from RAM.
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    How To Add New Stadiums With Correct Lighting and Sky

    Nice. Yes the idea will be to add blocks for all stadiums. I´m not sure about a limit but it´s a nice option to try :)
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    How To Add New Stadiums With Correct Lighting and Sky

    No, in your db you don´t have to make any change just to add the stadiums you want. The file changed is originally empty.
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    How To Add New Stadiums With Correct Lighting and Sky

    I´m not changing or replacing rendering.cdb file that includes all rendering data. I´m just adding more data to an alternative file that it´s empty and it´s named rendering_patch.cdb. That file has no content and probably EA thought to use it for patches. The good thing is that we can use it to...
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    How To Add New Stadiums With Correct Lighting and Sky

    Hi there. I´ve found a way to add new stadiums and they work 100% without any hack to lua files. I´ve decoded the rendering database. This database includes data related with all stadiums in game. Since new stadiums we add were not in this database they were not rendering properly ( missing...
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    Stadium Sceneassets

    Hi guys. I was talking with Robbie yesterday. I was able to decode a database for stadiums so we can add as many as we want ( at least I´ve added 6 now without problems ) I want to be sure and gather all the info and I´ll open a thread explaining how to do this. Regards :)
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    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PC Conversion Patch Thread

    Anything you need from ModdingWay mod just let me know. Just send me a pm for instance if you don´t know how to include the FIFA song when teams enter the field, etc. I´ll try to answer as soon as possible. Regards!