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    Clermont Foot Kits 17 ?

    Look at his join date, you'd think he'd now better than to ask these :f***: questions lol!
  2. 2

    FIFA 17 Editing Request - Internal Master

    What does IM 12 do?
  3. 2

    Transfer Offers Issues

    I am having trouble getting transfer offers from Spanish clubs with my Player Career Mode. I have tried modifying the transfers.ini file to see if I can receive offers from La Liga Clubs but only seem to receive from Bundesliga and EPL and League 1. I have also edit the players wages and value...
  4. 2

    X-clusif's Kits

    Hey do you use photoshop to creat line paths with pen tool? If so, how can I fix the jagged lines I get when creating a path for jersey seams, Thanks!
  5. 2

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Barcelona Fantasy kit "taca de sang"
  6. 2

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    does this kit have Adidas stripes on the waist sides? I will try to replicate it for you!
  7. 2

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Mexico Kit Copa America 2016
  8. 2

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Mexico Kit Copa America 2016
  9. 2

    Champions Cup Crashing On Player Career Mode ?

    I remember there was an update a couple of weeks ago but this issue only appeared today. What is your advice? Probably a fresh intall at this point right?
  10. 2

    Champions Cup Crashing On Player Career Mode ?

    Hello, I am having an issue playing my semi-final on player career mode for champions cup. I skipped the match to see if the regular league game would crash but it does not. When I press play on champions cup match screen goes black and then crashes but not on regular league games. So I went on...
  11. 2

    2015/16 UEFA Champions League Thread

    With Guardiola? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 2

    Rumours Center

    Bad move if he does. His playing style clashes with messi and Neymar and he wont play much. Leicester City should pick him up he's free.
  13. 2

    Tutorial: Cheat Engine In FIFA 16

    How do I modify my Virtual pro with cheate engine? How do I modify my Virtual pro with cheate engine? I used to know but I forgot and cannot find any tutorial on it. Thanks!
  14. 2

    Creation Master 16

    CM 16 Issue Here is a video sample of the issue I am having with CM 16. https://youtu.be/grTkWlINMiU
  15. 2

    Boots by 22FIFA

    This thread is for boot request only. I don't have much time to do boots as often even less kits, but here it is. Enjoy!
  16. 2

    Boots by 22FIFA

    Hey I also have the away and third kit and the GK kit. Would you like them?QUOTE=FFAA ESP AGA;3912491]Thank you :)
  17. 2

    Boots by 22FIFA

    free screen capture free image hosting
  18. 2

    Boots by 22FIFA

    Glad you liked it! Stay tuned for more.:rockman: