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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    This is Alpha 6. In my Alpha 7.1 many files from adSponsors512x64 folder is missing (all files with text names).
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    Really? 1. Try to open FIFA 20 and you will see... 2. 7.1 working fine for me, except adSponsors512x64 legacy folder.
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    The tool works 50/50 on my computer. Sometimes the tool did not download files, it stuck at "Download type information". Then I opened FIFA 20 and the download process started. FIFA 20 takes a long time to load, about 60 minutes. When it's over, I fire up FIFA 21 and everything starts working...
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    (Help) How do I put the uniform color of a created team on the scoreboard?

    Did you change kits colors in DB? db > teamkits > teamkitid > teamcolorprimr, teamcolorprimg and others.
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    Try to load FIFA 20 first. Then FIFA 21.
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    After last FIFA update the tool stopped working.
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    FIFA 18 IDs

    No. EA removed very many faces.
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    FIFA 16 - Season 2016/17 Transfers Update!

    When you add new db in /data/db folder and regenerate once, you never have to regenerate again, nevermind how many edits you made.
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    Empty Stadiums (With Seats) No Crowd

    Revolution Mod 16
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    FIFA Face Texture HELP PLEASE !!!

    FIFA 16 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools First video will help you. But better watch all videos and read all thread, then you will be happy.
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    Centre's Faces

    I tried Jose Mauri face. Evening and evening... What a hard face! On one picture he has a round nose, next picture he has a acute nose. Wow!!! I was not so confused from time when i was trying Antonio Nocerino, few years ago.
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    Centre's Faces

    So? What you prove and whom? I don't disrespect you, i don't abused you. I just make request. This is not about money. Belive me! I have a job. Face making just a hobby. One face with short linking can give me about 20 cents. I have another hobby, which can give me about 20-80 dollars for...
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    Centre's Faces

    Fan_Chelsea, the big request! Donnarumma face not for posting on notallowed/vse_dlya_fifa_16.
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    Centre's Faces

    Gianluigi Donnarumma
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    Centre's Faces

    Not many chances for this. Sorry! Maybe later.
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    Centre's Faces

    This hair type is exactly what i want to make. There is some problem with nape. When fit is good the hair go under the skin when player moving the head. So i made fit not very close.
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    Centre's Faces

    Giacomo Bonaventura
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    Centre's Faces

    Well see... Di Molfetta and Maldini no. Big chance have Felicioli and Locatelli, who has joined first team yesterday.
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    Centre's Faces

    Davide Calabria