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Search results

  1. J

    ((((xto kits 08))))

    Can you give me your template ? please :) (sorry for bad english)
  2. J

    J.S dePP Kits

    thanks :)
  3. J

    J.S dePP Kits

    Third Third mini
  4. J

    J.S dePP Kits

    Hi again :) been a long time Galatasaray 2014 home home mini away away mini wait for 3rd kit guys :)
  5. J

    [PC] FIFA 12 - Summer Patch

    Thanks man very good patch.
  6. J


    Thank you !
  7. J


    Guys my ini.big file deleted who can upload for me ? in FIFA10/data/cmn Thanks
  8. J

    *** bykaracivi45TR 2012 Kit Shop ***

    Çalışmalar çok güzel rica etsem bursasporun away ve goalkeeper formalarınıda yaparmısın ?
  9. J

    kaka_ivan`s Editing

    Can you make nike seitiro ball ?
  10. J

    .:==New Kits 2012/2013==:.

    Arsenal mini's
  11. J

    Last transfers

    Guys please send me 2012 fifa.db
  12. J

    .:==New Kits 2012/2013==:.

    We need minikits :)
  13. J

    Last transfers

    Hi guys i need 2012 fifa.db please help me epl , la liga , serie a , ligue 1 , bundesliga and some european clubs. :redface:
  14. J

    Conclusion Patch 2011/2012 - Many Transfers and Update Game

    Beyler yama bana ait :) uploadta hatalar olmustu ve database duzenlemesindede hatalar vardi ve db. hatalari duzeltilmesi imkansızdı nasil duzelttiniz ?
  15. J

    J.S dePP Kits

    When I upload them all over yet
  16. J

    J.S dePP Kits

    Again Hİ !! :) my new kit set Mersin İdman Yurdu|Turkey Super League (New Team) (no convert)
  17. J

    Sickboy19's kits

    Amazing Kits !! Pls Osasuna
  18. J

    Sickboy19's kits

    Very Very Good Kit Thank's
  19. J

    Minifaces by StrikerFoxACM

    Very NİCE !!
  20. J

    Sickboy19's kits

    Wolves or wigan plss