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    The Poker Guru

    In tournaments I would say about 45% luck vs 55% skill for average players. For decent players it's about 35% vs 65%. In cashgames it's 20% luck vs 80% skill as there are less preflop allin situations which determine the run of a hand.
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    The Poker Guru

    It all comes down to bankroll in the first place. Personally I believe 50K to be a nicely sized pro-bankroll. Playing hands/reviewing hands in the long term is the best way to be sustainable as a player. Intellect isn't that important, as long as you can grasp most of the basic concepts...
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    The Poker Guru

    Can't even remember that... :-( I had a DVD of it. If I can find it I'll try to upload it.
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    The Poker Guru

    Hi everybody, it's been a while since my last visit but because of a special reason I've decided to make some free space in my very busy life and make a sensual comeback to this place. But why, Taj, you're probably not wondering in yourself...: Well, while being in a stroke of...
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    Comeback, anyone?

    btw I'd like to know who voted for a/s/l? I might be interested...
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    Comeback, anyone?

    @ Theodorakis: sorry for not giftwrapping myself... :( @ Filipower: BOOM surprise!!!11elevenish Don't expect me to come over here every single day. But rest assured I'll let myself be heard.
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    Comeback, anyone?

    BOOYAH! imho...
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    The Poker Thread

    Played my very first PLO tournament ever last Friday and somehow I managed to win it. Which is nice. Handhistory: http://rapidshare.com/files/93122953/Tournament__4386590_Table__3.txt.html
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    Quantum of Solace

    Oh man, you must read the books! Personally I think they're beter than the movies. You'll learn so much more about the character. btw Whenever I find out what "bilge" means I'll answer your second question.
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    90 Day Jane

    I'm taking action on this one: 3-1 she's going for it 5-1 she'll happily live ever after
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    Quantum of Solace

    1) "Quantum of Solace", just as the others titles you mentioned, is Fleming-material, QoS being a short story which involves Bond going to a dinner party in the Bahamas where he is told a story of infidelity and what it can do - in extreme measures - to a person's well-being. A must read and one...
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    Quantum of Solace

    Directed by Marc Forster STARRING: Daniel Craig ... James Bond 007 Mathieu Amalric ... Dominic Greene Olga Kurylenko ... Camille Gemma Arterton ... Agent Fields Joaquin Cosío ... General Medrano Giancarlo Giannini ... Rene Mathis Jeffrey Wright ... Felix Leiter Judi Dench ... M...
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    If you were a Brazillian footballer - what would your name be?

    Been there, done that... http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133621&highlight=brazilian
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    Political Compass, 2008

    Damn Commies!
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    I've got a new job!

    Your new job is not as cool as my new job. There. I said it.
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    Civilization, here I come!

    So you did not miss me? Shame... :( btw 2000th post, for all who care. I doubt someone does...
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    What's Hot | What's Not

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    Civilization, here I come!

    Finally, after two weeks of no Interwebs because of my poker dealer course I can now come back to civilization having achieved the following things: - my poker dealer licence - a job at the prestigious Casino Kursaal in Oostende which starts on Friday - an appartment at the Belgian coast...
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    Sorry but this gets thrown in the dustbin... LOCKED
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    The Poker Thread

    So yeah, as things look like at the moment I'll be a poker dealer at the Ostende Casino (coast of Belgium). My 2-week introduction course will start on Tuesday. ~ €1500 a month + clothing compensation + Carlos*pot winnings twice a year (which will start at €1500 per year but will rise...