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  1. C

    Fifa10 Rosters of 2011 with Updated Players' attributes

    this sounds preety cool....but i have a question, if i use this roste update will it replace any patch i have???:icon_spin:
  2. C

    Update your fifa 10

    hey, this sounds pretty cool!! im downloading your updates and gonna try them, waiting for the next releases! :bob: keep it up!
  3. C

    New Kits made by ??? the best ;-)

    hey great work on the kits! keep it up, if u can do a request, can you please make real madrid kits and fonts plz:blush:?? thnx :bob:
  4. C

    New Kits 2010 by DSC_Arminia

    nice kits!! keep it up..... do you make also make minikits?
  5. C

    Fifa 09 suddenly Crash after 5-10 minutes

    how much free memory is available on your pc?? maybe thats the problem
  6. C

    No grass on Santiago bernabeu

    ive tried everything i could to fix it but i cant!, this sux big time, pls more help??
  7. C

    FIFA Baltic's "RTWC 2010 South Africa Patch for FIFA 09" Thread

    how do you regenerate the zdata's???? the options only say regenerate Fat-Bh.... plz help me!:clapwap:
  8. C

    Green Ape's Kit Factory

    great real madrid 3rd kit!!, amazing work
  9. C

    Chemistry for PC Manager Mode does not work

    when u play in manager mode for 3+ seasons it goes up....it goes up, slowly but it does, ive managed to get it up to 80 or something like that
  10. C

    Green Ape's Kit Factory

    thnx for the 3rd kit!!, it looks great(Y), but i hope green ape can do it also:browsmiley:
  11. C

    Nike T90 Tracer Ballpack

    great balls!!, just one question, how do u resize textures from 512 to 256?? thnx in advance
  12. C

    No grass on Santiago bernabeu

    here's the SS i took, plz help me
  13. C

    No grass on Santiago bernabeu

    hey, i still play fifa 09, adn since nobody visits fifa 09 forum anymore i guessed i should post this here, i started a new manager mode and realized my santiago bernabeu has no grass, but when i play a friendly game (not on manager mode) it has grass, can somebody plz help me?? thnx in advanced
  14. C

    My kits!

    Great Manchester United Kits!!!!, the best so far keep up the good work(Y)
  15. C

    Green Ape's Kit Factory

    great chelsea kit!!!, its cool that u make tech fit kits also:bouncy::bob:
  16. C

    World Cup 2010 Stadiums Full Pack

    hey, nice work!!, ur stadiums are awesome!!...i have a question, do this stadiums work for fifa 09??? thanx in advance(Y)
  17. C

    Green Ape's Kit Factory

    WOW, grate Lyon away shirt and mini, keep up the good work!!(Y):33vff3o::browsmiley:
  18. C

    Luis_Figo`s Kit Thread

    Cool Kits! waiting for more:33vff3o:
  19. C

    SaNtOpUz Face Thread(FIFA 10 Faces)

    hey great faces!!, i have a question, do fifa 10 faces work on fifa 09???