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    Kits Nobody Wants by makispla

    Can you make rapid Bucharest home and away? Thanks in advance
  2. B

    bogdandan's Adboards

    I will make them in the future. Stay tuned! Until then - Partizan Beograd
  3. B

    bogdandan's Adboards

    Romanian Cup FCSB CFR Cluj
  4. B

    bogdandan's Adboards

    Rapid Bucuresti FK Crvena Zvezda
  5. B

    bogdandan's Adboards

    Hi, here I will upload my work Euro 2020 UCL UEL
  6. B

    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    FIFA 15 can't use dedicated GPU (my GPU is NVidia Geforce GT 635M 2GB) and i tried everything in NVidia Control Panel. Can you give me ome advices?
  7. B

    Mini CEP 14 Patch (Voting)

    Why? :( Rapid is one of the best in Romania. It has a huge tradition and young players who can make the difference in a game.
  8. B

    We Want You, We Need You

    Hello everyone, I am member of FifaPro team, a Romanian editing team that created FPRL, a patch that introducts Romanian First Division in FIFA 14. This team has a history of over 7 years. We have collaborations with Fifa-Infinity SoccerGaming and others. Why I am here? The answer is simple...
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    Twopyx's Stadiums

    Can you make Giulesti? PS: You are the best!
  10. B

    sorincocor19's Stadiums

    Hi man, can you continue makeing Giulesti please
  11. B

    DizzeeSpellz '14 Face Archive

    Hi Dizzee my name is Bogdan and i am doing stuff for FIFApro team and i am here to ask you if you want to join our team please send me a PM and you can make faces for our patch... i hope to see you there ;)
  12. B

    bogdandan's Adboards

    All adboards are at 512x1024 and you can easily download them...you must right click and download...at me works.... I'll try to do packs for different league starting with BPL. But it will take very long time because i don't have much time...
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    bogdandan's Adboards

    Hi..today i want to show you some of my adboards... some of them are used in fprl 14 Romanian Cup UTA Arad Dinamo Bucuresti U Cluj Rapid Bucuresti CFR Cluj and now i'm waiting for requests
  14. B

    2208binho • Scoreboards and Popups

    great work man... and thank you for all scoreboards and popups...cheers
  15. B

    Monika's Flags

    awsome flags monika...and welcome to the community :)
  16. B

    Bogdan's Scoreboard Textures

    yes but the popup looks too poor without a background... but this is only my opinion
  17. B

    Bogdan's Scoreboard Textures

    Great job Bogdan... cheers... but can you use a white background on liga 1 popup at teams logo please...it will be more realistic in my opinion
  18. B

    RNGP 14: Romanian Leagues (FIFA NEXT LEVEL ROMANIA)

    i have ideea for you guys... can you try putting rngp 1's popups for liga 1 and liga 2 because in my oppinion the old popups are better.