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Search results

  1. cikoman

    FIFA 23 - Improved Grass/Turf/Pitch

    Bro can you send me the files to edit them?That would be great. Will trying to change something.
  2. cikoman

    FIFA23 212 NTs RTWC/Road to Euro/Copa America mod

    guys just to clear up. this not for career mode right? Just a tournemant mode?
  3. cikoman

    FC 24 TLP v6.0 TU16 Released.-- (All Turkey Leagues and Azerbaijan Brasil Czech Croatia Russia Serbia Slovakia Ukraine Greece Leagues) thanks to IEM

    there must be something that you´re doing wrong. just click on delete fifamod folder and start new you know
  4. cikoman

    MODS QH7 FC24 Authenticity Mod (Press Sponsors, Transfer News, Club Anthems, Soundtrack, ...)

    bro is it possible to do that in LED sponsors? That would be the realistic mod ever
  5. cikoman

    extraction kits eafc 24 for older fifa

    bro the links are dead. can you upload them again? Would be very appreciate.
  6. cikoman

    MODS Squadfile With Icons

    bro do you have the eafc24 ID´s?
  7. cikoman

    KITS FC24 European Teams 2023-24 Alternative Goalkeeper Kits V1

    wow. nice...but 4$ you must be kidding? We´re paying 70$ for FC24 and than also for mods? We´re a community not a company...shame
  8. cikoman

    Unlock Edit Tool v1.0.9 [TU 17.1]

    hey bro for which fifa 23 update is that? TU11?
  9. cikoman

    23-24 Kits by Voleck

    professional as always. thank you bro
  10. cikoman

    FIFA 23 - Improved Grass/Turf/Pitch

    Mannn come on you are the king.I have been a fan of you since Fifa 16. The other turf makers are doing also well but yours is different,is more detailed,has a better texture.anyway....for me the best turf maker.thank you bro
  11. cikoman

    FIFA 23 - Improved Grass/Turf/Pitch

    Woow the king is back.yesssss sirrr. that is how it exactly should looking like that. Bro when do you gonna release it.can not wait for it.appriciate in advance bro
  12. cikoman

    23-24 Kits by Voleck

    bro do you have the kitnumbers also for LA Liga? Would be great if yes. Thank you bro
  13. cikoman

    KO' s TV Logo

    Bro can you update the logo for the ne title update 8? Appriciate
  14. cikoman

    FRP ALPHA First BIG PATCH for FIFA 21!

    yes it works but the clothing for the manager isn´t unlocked! Can you pleaseeee update it? Appriciate bro
  15. cikoman

    FRP ALPHA First BIG PATCH for FIFA 21!

    Hey Bro Fifa has got a new update. Can yopu please adaptive your mod to the new update? That would be so kind. I really like your mod. Perfect! Thanks in advance
  16. cikoman

    KO' s TV Logo

    bro can you update the tv logos for the new title update of FIFA 21? That would be great
  17. cikoman

    FRP ALPHA First BIG PATCH for FIFA 21!

    Crazy Bro how fast you are! So much appriciate. Thanks again
  18. cikoman

    FRP ALPHA First BIG PATCH for FIFA 21!

    Bro since the update it is not more working. Can you do an update? Thanks in advance