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Search results

  1. wolfieabdul

    FIFA 20 Squads by EA

    anyone working on a new squad update for 20??some guys did for 16 from 21
  2. wolfieabdul

    BR7 Faces

    link of this face master?looks so good
  3. wolfieabdul

    Faces by Junior

    bro can u give me marcus thuram face download link?
  4. wolfieabdul


    can anyone please upload the sceneassets file of all these face updates kindly??? I'm playing in offline mode,so cant download the update and apply.
  5. wolfieabdul

    HoppyJoe's Faces

    damn man its been a year almost,wasted so much time on these lol.Now so busy with work.Hahhahaha,dont even play fifa anymore.
  6. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    hakimi +1
  7. wolfieabdul

    Rotua Manalu's Faces

    excellent work @rotua098 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!carry on masterr
  8. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    master you're dropping the bombs!!!!!!
  9. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    what a beast of a pack!!!!asensio was worth the wait.thanks a lot master!!!!!!
  10. wolfieabdul

    covayo faces

    thanks a lot master
  11. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    big boss is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    master could you kindly check your inbox?I send you a message Will be very kind of you to reply
  13. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    huge work master!!!!!!!!!!big thanks to you and hope you continue us to bless us with these amazing face conversions.After LA liga to other players as well May god bless you
  14. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    brilliant work master!!!! would be lovely if you get a look at asensio. God bless u master
  15. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    master asensio?
  16. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    holy mother of god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I get notifications at my class of w.s.improvisations from my gmail and I am thinking probably you gonna post that you're done with all these.So,I ignored it.Came home and here I am seeing these amazing dedicated works from you @VooEss and huge thanks to...
  17. wolfieabdul

    MIX's Faces

    your final work?
  18. wolfieabdul

    pao4ever's now and then faces

    hello bro will you make new faces?
  19. wolfieabdul

    Katoon999 Faces

    so brother no more new faces?
  20. wolfieabdul

    W.S face improvisations

    master I just so this bardhi player in sofifa and his stats looked amazing same goes for pires,so I immediately searched for his real face in this forum.ANd there you're you've already made him. This is why u are a legendary master in la liga faces,come back soon master!!we miss you