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    FIFA crashing after latest update, please help! :'(

    This seems to have done the trick for me. From EA forum:
  2. T

    FIFA crashing after latest update, please help! :'(

    Strange, I'm getting the exact issue. CTD before language selection
  3. T

    EEP 20

    Thanks pal, your patch was a shining light towards the tail end of FIFA 19. Thanks for keeping things old school. Massive respect!
  4. T

    thyter LOD mod

    Appreciated mate in keeping with the spirit, this is absolutely vital. ... is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?
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    Advertisements Make The Forum Uglier and Harder To Use!!!

    Thanks lads for sorting it all out for us minions
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    Advertisements Make The Forum Uglier and Harder To Use!!!

    Yeah, these ads are degrading the experience of the site as a whole. Terrible browsing performance.
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    aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)

    Must say, I really appreciate how you manage to keep your textures just in the sweet spot between soft and sharp. Looks like the few excellent EA faces. Good stuff.
  8. T

    wichanwoo's Faces

    Outrageous skill, nice!
  9. T

    Revolution Mod 16

    Congratulations on achieving 1.0 , top man!
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Aleksandar Mitrovic (Newacstle United) if anyone has spare time please. Siem De Jong (Newcastle United)
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    Revolution Mod 16

    Great news mate, when you're less busy with the mod ... is there any chance of stopping the long sleeves during rain and only making it seasonal. It's a mild annoyance.
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    FIFA 15 Face Archive

    Guys, I'm not a facemaker or anything. Just move files around. Anyway I used Rofles hair on Rakitic ... think it improves things. http://www.mediafire.com/view/cjg33wka27u0ibd/rakitic.PNG http://www.mediafire.com/view/5pe1049n6s0lvo6/Rakitic0.png...
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    DAMN's Hair

    Quality work mate, any chance of a Rakitic fix ... haven't seen an attempt anywhere. Keep up the awesome quality any way, cheers.
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    son_of_god's faces

    Now we're cooking :-D
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    Revolution Mod 15

    Absolute magician you are mate, thanks for the effort!
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    Goal Net Glitch

    Where did you get that notion from? Pretty bizarre.
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    Goal Net Glitch

    @V.K. - I've got that glitch too mate. Will see how it goes in the full version, not bothered as yet with it being the demo and all.
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    Photos For Face Makers

    Hope these are up to scratch.
  19. T

    New_Maker's Kits

    Thanks for Newcastle away strip mate, much appreciated ... you did a good job on it too ;-D
  20. T

    aLEx_1O's Rises

    Man, these were far far superior. He should have been wearing these beauts!