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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    It's really sad but true that EA never do anything to improve the CPU gameplay. they totally depend on their online gamemodes and that's basically what draws 90% of the people who buy the game. they're figuring "who gives a shit about what the CPU gameplay is like if we can get the $$$ through...
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    fidel I think you're just overhyping the hardware requirements a bit. I don't come around here quite often, but you're describing it as 90% of the people here have PCs from 1995. plus, you're even saying that the game won't be properly optimized and that even good PCs won't run the game...
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    FIFA 08 Patch KZ

    somebody seed this, I can barely get any speed and I'm stuck at 83.8% ..
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    Fifa 10 Megapatch 2013/2014

    To be honest - it is kind of badly written , so I'll try to explain it to you . When you download the 6 parts ; just open part 1 and they will be combined and opened as one part . Inside there will be an .exe file . You need to extract it somewhere on your computer . You don't need to erase any...
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    Fifa 10 Megapatch 2013/2014

    I've installed the patch , but when I run FIFA10.exe , I get this error message : This application has failed to start because dirtysock.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem . I followed your instructions when installing the patch , so I can't see what the...
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    WinCool's 13/14 Kits

    Something like this ?
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    FIFA Manager 13 kits

    The link isn't working on the first post..
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    2012–13 UEFA Champions League

    How do I install it? I mean,I know I have to load it as a patch in CM,but it's divided in parts,how do I combine them? I tried downloading it through the torrent,but there are no seeeders.. I'm just interested in knowing how to combine the parts,or do I have to install the parts in CM one by...
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    Freezing problem in FIFA 10

    Okay ,so first of all I'd like to apologize for not putting this in the support forum(the reason is - nobody visits or posts in that forum so it would be useless).. Now,I seem to have a problem in FIFA 10. I'm hoping some of you have ideas for a solution or maybe you've had a problem like this...
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    Some kits...

    I'm kinda confused..have you made the Barca 12/13 kits? I see you've made the numbers,but no kits..am I wrong?
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    No grass on Santiago bernabeu

    The same bug in FIFA 10 Hey guys,sorry for refreshing the topic(for some reason I can't open my own topic). I was wondering if some of you can help me. I have the pretty much same problem in FIFA 10.Just a little bit different.The thing is,the pitch just goes from black and sometimes you can...