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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    Thank god Wolfsburg knocked out United, what a boring team.. Lost in a cupcake of a group, and the Prem is better than Bundesliga??? LOL
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    This weekend has further confirmed my theory that the EPL is a bunch of overhyped mid table teams taking points off each other!! City is the only team with a respectable lineup after getting De Bruyne, but even they will be out in UCL quarter finals...
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    HAHAHAHAHA maybe in the Sir Alex years... Swansea have gone three in a row vs ManU, so ManU has officially gone full retard!!!!! How is this team in the champions league???? This is an average team, don't you dare compare this team to Barca/Real/Bayer anymore, face it ManU is a mid table...
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    EPL is where players like Depay/Willian go to get hype, then crap their pants in UCL quarter finals
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    2015/16 UEFA Champions League Thread

    PSG - Chelskeet Final with David Luiz scoring the winning goal
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    Liverpool FC

    Pretty soon there won't be anybody on the planet that was alive when Liverpool won the EPL
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    The Arsenal [2015|2016]

    MaLexis finishing = 1/2 season of Luis Suarez without UCL
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    Juventus F.C. [2015-2016]

    Juve without Pirlo/Tevez... It's time for the Vecchia Signora to retire, they would get slaughtered by Barca in a re-match
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    real madrid thred

    Messi forgot to thank Kevin Roldan.... :facepalm:
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    Bayern Thread

    Watching the Bundesliga these days is like watching andre agassi dominate the special olympics... Bayer is clearly better but still a reject
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    I hope we get United in CL Final... O wait, been there done that... TWICE! :biggrinx::biggrinx::biggrinx:
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    Champions of everything (again) thread

    We need to hurry up a sign a significant midfielder, our backups are so shit they are better right backs. I hope we get Pogba/Verratti in January
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    The EPL its crap, I think it's time they lose a UCL spot....
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    Tottenham is soooo awful... Any legitimate European team is going to put 5 past United
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    PdR7 :biggrinx::biggrinx:
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    I hope Tata gets fired...
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    Tata continues the legacy, why did he leave Tevez on the bench? Aguero and Higuain were terrible
  18. A

    Pedrito has the more champions league titles than Cristiano Ronaldo

    Therefore Pedrito > CR7 (CR9, Penaldo, whatever u wanna call him) :smilex::smilex::smilex::smilex:
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    ManU thread 14/15

    You are right they did go from 7 to 4th or something like that. Next year 3rd?
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    ManU thread 14/15

    The problem its ManU are trying to be elite with players like Fellamini and CAshley Young, which is stupid lol. This reminds me of when Madrid bought Julien Faubert, hehehehehe. Oh my how ManU has fallen... :biggrinx::biggrinx::biggrinx::biggrinx: