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  1. kostasv1.psd

    Kostas' Theme Overhauls.

    Bellow is the download link. As the title suggests, it's the 1st version of the mod(it might have a 2.0 in the future idk). I hope you enjoy the mod! link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SrjbXej2dAwu4r-LtHAptQPCuD3M0lsQ/view?usp=sharing Here are some screenshots of the mod: *DISCLAIMER* my...
  2. kostasv1.psd

    Kostas' Theme Overhauls.

    Here's a sneak peek of what's to come on the Arsenal Theme Overhaul. *mod only changes fifa's ui colors and bg style.
  3. kostasv1.psd

    Kostas' Theme Overhauls.

    Thank you, I assure you that its all for personal uses and not to gain anything out of it. i do it because i like it and if people want sth a bit different they can download it for free. Again thanks for the welcome and i hope i can make stuff on fifa 21 as well
  4. kostasv1.psd

    Kostas' Theme Overhauls.

    So.....Hi! After following a lot of modders in this community, I decided to publish one of my works on fifa 20. Quick mention, I do graphic designing for a leaving. In my free time I mess around in frostyeditor, changing the menus background and redesign(if you want to call it) the ui-in terms...