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    Creation Master Standard - What is it?

    I thought you might help... I really dont know if its those patchs or if it's just Cm in general I cant seem to get it to work with out crashing fifa. I would like to use this program but everytime i import a patch any patch it crashes fifa.. Any IDeA's why it does that?
  2. M

    European Champions Clubs Trophy Patch

    this patch does not work for me... I cant seem to get it to work it crashes fifa at start up... Can you not have the Ea patches installed for it to work?
  3. M

    Creation Master Standard - What is it?

    I have the same problem the above poster has where the game crashes before start up... I have windows vista 32 bit. I have the 150 stadiums patch along with shore losers patch installed atm. I have unistalled reinstalled windows and fifa 09 about 10 to 15 times trying different ways to...