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    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    hi, does the complete patch available?
  2. M

    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    hello, Look great the patch! well done
  3. M

    How to add Miniface?

    find the id for any player using the live editor and replace with frosty editor. I ask a question another way but nobody answered me. Sorry im learning english right now
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    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    nice! I love the old players. Im play fifa 14 with giggi patch
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    Two question

    Hello, im from Argentina. i have two question: 1- where can i find the path to ui folder?. Its possible find this folder without frosty editor.? 2-Its possible add minifaces without delete another face using frosty editor or cheat engine.? Thanks, so much. sorry for my bad english. im...