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  1. joninhashacktic

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Hey mate, sorry disturbing, but you could release a bootpack, would be awesome
  2. joninhashacktic

    KO's scoreboards

    Looks so sick mate! A cool challenge for you:
  3. joninhashacktic

    pee's Layouts mods

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/quv1ibvpnn11orf/BVB_Update_fix.fbmod/file there you go
  4. joninhashacktic

    pee's Layouts mods

    I think it is ok, I'll just need a little bit more time, I've been doing some other stuff, so be a little pacient please! Is it going to look amazing!
  5. joninhashacktic

    pee's Layouts mods

    Hey guys, it's me once again, after Iqbalev requests, Here's the Man Utd Layout Manchester United Graphics Mod: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hm3aycx5vjcasqy/Man_utd_graphics_Mod.fbmod/file Follow me on twitter if possible: https://twitter.com/peeboy003 Support me on Patreon, so I can stay...
  6. joninhashacktic

    pee's Layouts mods

    Sorry for the delay to everyone, but here's one of the first requests: Liga NOS/ Benfica Layout fbmod: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e3m4x7c4i2rqwo7/Liga_NOS%2C_Benfica.fbmod/file Support me on patreon to stay free everything I make for the community: https://www.patreon.com/brasileiraomod
  7. joninhashacktic

    Minifaces for any Patch

    here FIFER teaches how to do it. It's in FIFA 19, but it is the same process
  8. joninhashacktic

    pee's Layouts mods

    Hey guys, I just want to make some layouts for the community, just as this one I did for Zoken of Bor. Dortmund. If you have any request, just comment here, send some images if possible, and I'll make the fastest I can! BVB graphics mod 1.0...
  9. joninhashacktic

    Daniels's Graphics

    Hey mate, you could do a tutorial of making banners with the texture of the cloth. Would help me a lot!
  10. joninhashacktic

    Brazilian league full licensed

    Hey, it's me again! I'm working on graphic stuff, all based in brazillian culture, to upgrade the brazillian experience lol. Follow my twitter for more previews! https://twitter.com/peeboy003
  11. joninhashacktic

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    I think I saw on his twitter that it'll be released tomorrow
  12. joninhashacktic

    Brazilian league full licensed

    Hey, sorry for the delay, I'm working on adapting the squads to the new update. In a few weeks I'll release it.
  13. joninhashacktic

    How to change start-button background?

    I've discovered. Search for pressstart in frosty
  14. joninhashacktic

    Riesscar's TV Watermarks

    Hey @riesscar I'm just impressed with the work you do! Do you think is it possible to make this scoreboard?
  15. joninhashacktic

    Brazilian league full licensed

    Hi, it's me again! The mod is almost done, added minifaces for all players in the league, also added some actual ingame faces of my big friend Pedrofifa. Now, I just need to make small tweaks to be done, the next updates are going to be released in my twitter account, so follow me! I've just...
  16. joninhashacktic

    How to change a team's transfer budget (RDBM)?

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to change the trasnfer budget of the teams at RDBM, anyone know how to manage it?
  17. joninhashacktic

    Brazilian league full licensed

    Nice question, I'll test here and I'll tell you
  18. joninhashacktic

    Brazilian league full licensed

    For the 1st version just serie A, maybe after serie b, tmj
  19. joninhashacktic

    Brazilian league full licensed

    Hey guys, a few updates of the mod, added all adboards, players and uniforms. Looking good