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    Is there a way to make all boots in the game visible in editor?

    It was possible in games some years ago, wonder if it's a possibility with the tools available right now?
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    Slider(s) Discussion

    So as every year I am playing with the sliders to achieve two things: 1. Counter the AI cheating without making me better than them. What would you consider the best balance here? 2. Realistic game pace - your suggestions? I tried speed and and acceleration settings from 50 to 45. CPU is...
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    No Custom Formations?

    I don't see the option to make my own formation anymore - did they remove it? I hate how the players move in the existing formations - for example I play in 4-4-2, Borussia Mönchengladbach. In reality, when defending, you can the see the team holding the 4-4-2 formation very strict. However in...
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    FIFA 16 Impressions (Demo/Full Game)

    What do you guys think of the demo so far? I recognised one thing in particular: Womens' animations/body models look sooo much better and more realistic than the mens' one. I wished for fifa 17 they would completely redo all mens' animation, like they did for the womens' this year. Mens'...
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    Magistas/Mercurials Gamecam View

    Hey, I really love the magistas/mercurials, but I hate the fact that while you play they look like normal boots. Can anyone make a mod to fix that? SOLUTION: Use LOD-tool by fidel Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
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    New Animation Trigger

    This topic is especially for modders like Andrea Pirlo and Fidel, who probably know what I am talking about. Now, fifa is always a game about running forward, pushing the ball, sprinting, sprinting, sprinting. However real football isn't like that. When a player gets a ball, he slows down the...
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    Gloves/Hand Tape Not Shown - Can Anyone Help?

    So, let's start with the things I have installed: Fifa 14 Revolution Mod 1.2 Moddingway Mod Fidel Hybrid Gameplay 2.0 So, what I actually did: I assigned jerseyfit and long sleeves to Granit Xhaka in MWM Selector. Then I tried to set handtape and winter gloves to him ingame, but...
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    Bought key for PES 2014 (MMOGA) but from where can I download the game?

    Hey guys, I need help. I bought a PES 2013 key several days ago @ MMOGA (I already bought many of my games there, never any problems) and of course I thought that this key would be a steam key. But no, it's a key to activate the game online after you installed the game (or something like...
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    Tactical Defense Or Classic Defense? What Do You Use?

    Hey guys, I just played a game with good old Classic Defense. It was this my first fifa 14 game with a defense not acting like one leg spastics. and, now I can move the selected player in a good position and let another player attack. Only contra is that there is no pulling and pushing any...
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    Possible To Port Demo Graphics To Full Game?

    Hey guys. I asked that in another thread, too. Since in Lucio795's thread someone said that demo kits look much more realistic (better and deeper wrinkles, and yes it is true!) I really try to figure out if and how it is possible to port these graphics to the full game. I am a complete noob...
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    Substitution Bug: Possible To Edit Cut Scenes?

    Hey guys, I just had a very cool bug during a substitution: There was no cutscene played, but the camera stayed in broadcast view while the substitution was made and I could see how it was made. So my question is: Can this be modified so the game is forced to keep the camera in cutscenes...
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    Ignite Is Simply Awesome! Watching this video almost makes me run to a shop and buy a ps4 (when its out) only for damn fifa14! It has all I want in that game =/ OOH EA how could you do that to me? I want Ignite *cry*
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    FIFA14 Android/IOs - What Do You Think?

    FINALLY! I missed fifa13 for Android, but here is fifa14: I just downloaded it (about 1,5gb) and played my first match (classic controls) and I have to say that I like it =) Some things are even cooler than on pc version :D For example, you can send a player to run forward by tapping...
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    Possible To Modify Tele Cam ?

    Hey, i recognized that when you use tv cam and lower the camera height and change zoom (even to the farest) you cannot see the players at a corner kick or throw-in from the bottom side any mode. Any possibility to modify camsettings?
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    [REQUEST] Ideas For Mods

    Hey guys, I just played some demo matches and now I would like to ask some questions for mods if they are possible. 1. Two aspects of the new Ignite Gameplay are really missing in current-gen, both about heading. EA is telling us that those things aren't possible to integrate many things in...
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    How To Get 3D Turf

    Hey guys, I have all settings on maximum, so I don't understand why there is no 3D turf in the game (I saw there is for Shifty*nim on his ingame pics) So can you tell me how to enable it?
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    Tell Me How To Do This Trick

    Fifa's tricks are always something special for me. either my fingers are to awkward or the controls are just to inaccurate. Also I find it difficult to do the tricks in a game. In the Arena where you are behind a player its not that hard. Well, but thats not the topic. I just flicked the...
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    Skipping Shortscene Before Substitution

    Hey guys, it's me again. You probably all know that there are these short scene before a substitution is made (for example 4th rev holding the subsign, or player trotting a little bit etc); so what really pisses me off is that you cannot skip this scenes, so I would request someone to make...
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    How To Set Player Skillmoves To 5 Stars

    Well, I want to set some players with only 4 stars or 3 stars or whatever on skill moves to 5 stars. but I don't know how. In the DB under the player table I just find a skillmove table that goes up to 4 and it does not really seem to be the number of the stars ingame... Hope someone can...