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    Beckham's in the crowd!

    i was playing as england and scored wit owen. the cutsceen was when it shows the player run off then the crowd in their seats jumping up and down. what i noticed in the crowd was david beckham. exact hair too. anyone else seen anything like this? could just be EA making it look like...
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    my opinions on fifa 04 compared to past versions

    after four years of playing fifa on a PC i decided to buy it for a console. (xbox) mainly because i thought it wouild be more realistic on my TV. in relation to the actual game i have been very impressed. the music in the game is quality and with the option to choose your own, its...
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    fifa 04 on xbox question

    As players change there hair e.t.c during this season, will there be an option to select a new hair style for the player like in previous fifa games. e.g. 18 different hair styles. Im taking bout consoles versions here not PC. its crap looking at say beckham with his long hair if in 2...
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    Advice on this Gfx card plz

    im shopping 4 a new gfx card for fifa04 could ne1 give me feed bk on this card Sapphire Radeon 9200 8x AGP 256MB DDR thx.
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    who was it that made becks latest hair b4?

    i remember sum1 making this. cud sum1 tell me if it was downloadable or cud the person who made it send it to me [email protected] thx
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    can sum1 give me a link 2 wolfs EPL ball?

    i cant access i want his EPL ball cud sum1 help?
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    mixin best bits 2gether for beta results.

    i find that with all faces made and other stuff, some bits on sum faces are beta than sum bits on others, and vice versa. i thought, y dont the authors get 2gether and release combinations of their faces, which the users feel are the best heres an example beckham: youri's hair & o.files...
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    Help on y theres this huge ball on player legs

    hi i just got this problem as u can see in the only happens on silvestre after installing new boots on him. does ne1 know whats up b4 i go playin about with it? thx.
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    to face makers about a man utd player

    hi would any of you be willing to make a face of a mate of mine who plays for man utd youth? i wana put im into the game
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    Everton Id number

    just got that quality rooney face & could sum1 just confirm for me evertons Id plz i think its 7 but not sure thx
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    any know where theres a downloadable silvestre face?

    the questions in the thread title :)
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    Any 1 wanna edit these?

    duno if you guys will agree? these nets are great but need to be alot lighter. i tried contacting the author but no luck so does any1 wanna make these lighter and make them truely realistic. fifa 2003 needs good squared nets, duno why EA made circled ones?
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    help on error from Graeme Kelly editor plz

    i downloaded an editor coz im gettin bored wit the game now prob is i get this error msg? can any1 help me wit this? cheers :)
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    Any 1 seen this at the start up b4???

    U probs have but this is the first time this has eva cum up. i've had the game since it came out 2?
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    World player of the year is boll*cks!

    I was watching a 23yr old player in a non league team for a season. I lost out to watford who he made 10 apperences for, scoring 2 goals and making 4 assists. he also made 1 international appearence for Wales. i made a 500k bid which was accepted and i got my man. this is what confused...
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    £100'000'000 player!!!

    After seeing bayern buy Ashley Cole £68 million i fort no player wud be bought for more. The average major buy each season was around £20 million. I bought a player from Arsenal for 500k at 19yrs old. R/C midfielder. Im certain he was like the next Beckham. Passing, Creativity, Long shots and...
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    Y does this happen with my face raptor 2???

    the exported face textures always show up as the italy kit this must be sumwhere in the installation directory when ever i export a texture i can preview the correct face and the hair shows up in the face raptor interface the italy image is created in the fifa2003/data/facework can...
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    help wit FR2

    whenever i export a face i get the correct hair but not their face i just keep getting the italy kit can sum1 tell me whats up here?
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    faceR2 enables sum scary editing

    look at his fangs 2.
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    pop up selector

    i dont know about the other popups but the sky version looks sh*t i understand that the positioning cant be helped but the colours could have at least been made realistic. i wish we could change the text colour :(