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    Managermode - Stadiums

    Hey all, ive got a problem on my manager mode i guess. Ive got the latest CEP Patch installed and downloaded a stadium with cmp format and imported it. Works great on "Play now". But If i do now start a manager mode with the team which has the downloaded stadium its not working. Like eg...
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    PES5 Patch for XBox??

    Hello, does anyone know if there is an good patch out for the xbox includes all kits and names etc.? Or when does one come out? Thanks
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    Latest Optionfile for XBox ???

    Hey, i was wondering if somebody knows where to find the latest, this summer transfers, optionfile for the XBox ??? Thanks in advance.
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    Season Mode with other Teams ???

    Uhm, why the hell can we only choose teams out of 5 Countrys (EPL, French, German, Primera Div., Italian Seria 1) ?? Does anyone know how we can pick other teams? Any patches or cracks or something? Or any Ideas?? Cya
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    Your UEFA-CL Season!

    I would like to know what u guys r doing in the season mode. Post here - What team you with - Who did you sold (If u can post with Money and Points) - Who did you bought ( ^^ ) - How are they doing in new team - What Formation you got and other Infos if you like. Might be...
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    Fifa 2005 on XBOX with PS Controller

    Hey all, dont know if its the right place here, but i hope so. I just got my XBOX today with Fifa 2005 but these XBOX controllers are a bit crappy to play with. Ill now get some adapters and stick my PS Controllers on it. it possible to change the buttons anyhow? Anyone tried...
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    Problems with Installing PES3

    Hi all, ive tried to install PES3 but it won't! Ive pressed on Setup.exe and the installer is starting. But when there is the blue statusbar, it suddenly shuts down and its gone :confused:. Ive tried serveral times to get it work, Using D-Tools and tried with a image file....same error. it...