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    Joey's Mini kits

    Yeah....its treu i will TRY to make some mini/menu kits in the future. Il include the Alpha file aswell when i set them to download over at FIFA International Over here i won't as i cant be bothered posting shapes timely and timely again. First off Wales Home Away
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    3GB Importer out now!

    Did u saw those standard bleu boots to much already? Saw Beckham kicking to much with those Adidas shoes? Today FIFA International makes an end to all your problems! With just some clicks on your mouse you can import your own-made boots in just seconds. Or you just choose one of the 50 boots...
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    Joey's f*cked up kits

    Yea yea yea.... Because of those who couldnt shut their mouth abt when i would be back.....Here i am:( Althought i won't spend that much time at kit making because i have loads of other things to do....Busy life:D Well here's my first kit for FIFA 2k5 Chelsea Away Give me some...
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    Im gonna leave....

    Yea guys....i thought about it, came back at it....and now i made my final decision; Il leave the community, the SG boards. Maybe i come back sometime....maybe i won't. There are so many stealers around here that it isnt the fun anymore as it was some time ago. Chris, Cyrex, Pede, and the...
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    Joey and Nootje's Bundesliga kitshop

    Hi fella's, in this thread you can request all your Bundesliga kits. So if u want some, please post pics (only if possible) And we will make the kits as soon as possible Cheers
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    Joey's 2GK thread

    I dint make kits for a while....But here's a start for the new year:) Deportivo Home: England Home: BTW, dont watch the ****y jpg:( Can someone make screens?
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    Dutch National Team Patch

    Hi guys, Today FIFA Nederland has released the DTNP Version 1.0! Holland isn't at FIFA anymore sinds FIFA 2001, but now it's back! The patch includes the next things: - Rosters made by people who know the Dutch national team very good! - 25 player from Holland, Wich are...
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    Joey's Kits Thread

    Well guys, a new FIFA so new kits, so i am back :D I hate the format but yes...Nothing to do bout it. Lets start
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    Inter home 2004

    Wel tell my what do ya think:
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    does some one has...

    das some one has a white pirelli logo for my
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    FifaGelderland Needs Members!

    Hey guys FifaGelderland needs good members kit makers, flag makers etc.Because where wanna to build awsome patches and stuf Interested in Joining us Please let my no.....:confused:
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    New templte

    what do you think about my templte for so far?
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    Hot site!

    Hey ive seen a Dutch site for a while and they have many many kits and other hot stuf! What do you think about it i think its great! Ps Just tipping you! The site Url is WWW.FIFA4YOU.NL
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    Joey's First kit thread all 2gk

    Here is my first kit thread
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    Real Home 2GK!

    Here my real home coments pleaze
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    Kit update.

    Hello guys i wanna make a great kit update you wanna help?Please send my a e-mail with your msn mesenger adres to: [email protected] and we talk furter.But you dont have to mail you can set your e-mail adres to this topic as wel Greetz, Joey
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    who wants to have kit i wil make it (il try)

    who wants to have kits i wil make it (il try) pleaze post your pictures (of the ki(s)) ;)
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    FG Kit Update.

    MY site is busyy with a great patch! first we make a dutch version,the patch update al kit from de belgium dutch fifa patch and more,there wil by a national kit update to!And an kit update for the best teams at this worl like real madrid,man utd enz enz Than we make...