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    the best training schedule

    so anybody found the best season training schedule ? i use the deafult one but it doesnt seem to dive me 5/5 in all the training fields any ideas ?
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    problem with portraits

    i installed a stupid patch which changes the 2d portraits and now i dont have the original ones i need some one to give them to me insted of re installing the whole game again :s i would be thankfun anyway
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    fifa manager 07 "extra time"

    have you tried playing extra time ? i mean the expansion pack for fifa manager 07 ? it's awesome
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    Will it be RTWC2006

    Will FIFA 2006 be Road to World Cup 2006 like 2002 and 1998 ... if so will the career mode be better ? i mean managing a national team and having the national calling up players what do you think and what is your suggestions
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    Game Crashes when importing 2GK

    i tried to import 2GK for some clubs and when i try to play with them ... the game just crashes to desktop and help
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    How to rename a created team

    i have this problem i created a team with access and import the DB to the game when i open the cc .. the team's name is missing and when i try to put a name and save the team .. every thing goes ok but when i close the cc and open it again the team's name is missing again on ECP dbedit ...
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    How To Use bigGUI

    How can i Use bigGUI or is there any tutarial to learn that
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    help ... request an avatar

    hi just want to request an avater i want one for my flag (country : Palestine) thanx alot
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    Help ... Request a Sig

    Hi .. i want to Request a Sig may you make a manchester UTD .. with Ryan Giggs,scholes, and C.Ronaldo Sig also England with Beckham Sig thanx alot
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    Help ... Request a Sig

    Hi .. i want to Request a Sig may you make a manchester UTD .. with Ryan Giggs Sig thanx
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    Arabian Patch

    We are about to start an Arabian Patch for FIFA 2004 ... we want kitmakers ... stadium builders .. and so on .. any one interesting just email me
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    Answer If you Know the Answer

    hi how could i increase the skill of my players i have 4000 points now and i used the indevidual training and the phisycal training but the skills dosen't improve should i do any thing else plz answer if you know the answer
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    Dirt On Kits

    Did any one notice that ?? Only the home team kits get dirt on it and the away always clean is this a problem witm me or you have noticed that
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    Kits templates

    hi .. to all kit makers where can i find kits templates for fifa 2003 ?
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    Help with kits

    i have two questions any body know how to add a GK Kit for a national team the second how could i add an away GK Kit for a club ? :rolleyes:
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    New Video

    New Video is On check it out
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    Arabian Cup ... Gulf Cup

    .... i guss that it would be nice if there is the arab cup or the gulf cup in the fifa 2004 .. cause the arab national teams is now better and doing good in the world cup :) what do you think ?(H)