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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Welcome back, it's ok. :) 08 was based on 07, so answering your question: 09 is going to be based on the 08 and 07 engines.
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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Probably the flags represent the in-game language. :)
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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Actually what you have seen is 100% in-game and actual footage from the console version. :) Gone are the days when they use to have a special team to create special footage for the trailer or game intro! now it is all about picking the best moves and sticking videos together which is...
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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Next-Gen games are not only about graphics, it is more about processing and data implementation of the game from the disk to the TV screen. When you play FIFA on next-gen console you can immediately feel how players are much smarter and more human! And even after playing for 6 months now, I...
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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Yes, here it is, the first trailer for UEFA EURO 2008: As you can see, now weather is included in the game. Hurrayyy! :)
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    PES 2008 New Moves (With Explanation) Enjoy :)
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    playing against a friend...???

    bigswede2, two human player in a "licensed" tournament is absolutely not right in FIFA 08. Playing these tournaments has one big target, which is unlocking stuff. If you want your friend to play with you a tournament and in a different team then unlocking is now easier and it seems like a cheat...
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    FIFA 08 PS3 Question's?

    Nanny, here is a trick I did hundred of times in the demo: I start a match with two human player, I run near the opponent team, knowing that no one is going to stop me as both teams are played by me (You'll need two Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers), then hold the defending team's controller and...
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    When you win...

    Guys, stop talking about FIFA 08 next-gen, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee :( I swear it is so real that playing a 20-minute game is not even enough... It is so real that when you shoot you miss most of the time. So real that jumping for the ball makes me jump out of my chair. So real that when Rooney...
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    GameSpot Review of FIFA 08

    8.5 ... ohh yeahhhhhhh :)
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    Another FIFA 08 review

    The website gives FIFA 07 an 8 out of 10, and now they give FIFA 08 a 7.2!!!! Hahahahahaha, stupid website and not trust worthy whatsoever.
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    Melbourne Victory

    Main formation: No. / Position / Player 1 GK Michael Theoklitos 2 MF Kevin Muscat (Captain) 3 DF Daniel Piorkowski 5 DF Ljubo Milicevic 6 DF Steve Pantelidis 7 DF...
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    Got the full game (X360) need some answers though..

    Hey mate, glad that you love the game as I'm dieing to get the full version. :) Based on the demo, Doing the tricks and moves is very easy; if you have all your controls on default, then try "holding" down the "LT" button and use the right stick analog to perform your tricks, the more you...
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    FIFA 08 UK ign Review.......

    People, I'm not going to talk much, I will only say this: IGN UK gave FIFA 07: 7.6 Now they give FIFA 08: 7.7 !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! 0.1 of difference from last year, ONLY?! Are they serious? I don't think so. This doesn't make any sense!! Enough said.
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Oh 77.5 and this is only by one "magazine", this is a good sign. :) FIFA 08 is going to be great. :D Thanx for the link.
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Can I get links to the reviews you read? please. :)
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Man, I used the "search function" and found lots of Xbox 360 and PS3 video of PES 2008, but I absolutely haven't seen any difference! Maybe lots of game sites are fooling us by showing the same video for both console, so please give me some links to the videos YOU watched and talked about...
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    I played PES08 Demo in XBOX360. WE WON FRIENDS. FIFA is the best

    Well done kwastro with the great speech of yours. Now, go continue playing the FIFA 08 demo and cry on how FIFA 08 on next gen is going to bite your ass hard. :p Outdated losers.
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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    Nack, sweetheart, Where can I find PES 2008 videos that shows the PS3 having better graphics than the Xbox 360? I would love to watch one right away. Give me some links. Loser ;)
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    Can You Fifa 08?