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    **SG United 2012 is here**

    DOWNLOAD HERE So finally, it's released. Decided to go with the Premiership, and we're pretty good. Not sure if title winning just yet, but definitely the potential. The reason for going for the Prem was basically just to have some fun with this game. We're not going to be playing with...
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    SG UNITED - League choice

    Let's get some thoughts on what league people think we should play in this year. Typically, we've chosen League 1 in England. Though this year do you guys think we should have a change? As we're all getting a bit older now, do we want our CAs to be higher to start with? And avoid the...
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    SG UNITED - What league?

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    SG UNITED - What league?

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    SG UNITED 2012 application

    SUBMISSIONS CLOSED So the application begins. Just click the link below to fill in the form to apply. I'll keep this post updated with applications received so far. ================================================== HOW THE ATTRIBUTES WILL BE WORKED OUT You can give...
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    SG United 2012 Initial Application Thread

    Hey guys, I think it'd be a good idea to get an idea of numbers for this years SG United. So if you all fill in the form below, we'll get the process rolling. Once we've established how we're going to do the attributes this year, i'll start a new thread. First Name: Second Name: Common...
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    SG United 2012?

    Howdy. I'm losing interest in this year's FM. So after a new project to revive my interest. How many of you would be interested in an SG United this year? Any suggestions on how to do the attributes set up? I don't think we've completely cracked it just yet. And yes Fili, i will be...
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    SG united 2010 is here!

    Hey guys, Sorry about the delay in getting this ready, but here it is! DOWNLOAD HERE! RAPIDSHARE MIRROR Any issues please post here. Daz and Fili
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    SG United 2010 Application Thread

    Welcome! It's time once again for SG United to take on the world's best! Sign up will be open for two weeks. There's a minimum of 16 participants, maximum is 25. Deadline may be extended within reason if the minimum amount isn’t met. When the maximum is reached, any further players...
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    SG United 2010?

    Hey guys, Would peeps be interested in reviving SG United this year? I'm up for taking on the task.
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    Dribbling. In the 3D engine. almost everyone sucks at it. Right? Even basic ball control, top class players seem to just forget about. Just about to start dribbling with it... oooh wait damn it i just nudged it too far in front of me and i've lost it! Silly me...
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    Cool site for Custom Saved Games/Databases

    Don't know if any of you guys have heard of this site, i've found it pretty useful for finding a new challenge...
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    Football Manager Live

    Anyone else have any vague interest in/even heard of Football Manager Live? I'm skeptical but definitely going to give it a go... more info on the website (including videos of Miles Jacobson talking about it):
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    ** SG United 2008 Released **

    Hey guys... the time has finally come! Apologies for the time it's taken to get the patch out, but here it is! The rar for download is basically two folders - one database folder and another for graphics. Installation instructions below. Fili has done all the testing due to my lack of...
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    PES08 Graphical Problem...

    hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me with a problem i'm having... basically, i keep on getting these little graphical glitches coming up on one specific pitch of one specific stadium that seems to make my game/computer crash. It starts off that these little squares come up on...
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    Premier League Abroad?,19528,11095_3117424,00.html Interesting idea... i personally think it'd be pretty awesome (Y)
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    ** SG United 2008 Sign Up Thread **

    Right, most of this I’ve copied from what Ruud did for the 2006 version of the patch, with a few alterations to update it for the newer game. Similar rules apply but please still read: Sign up will be open for two weeks. There's a minimum of 16 participants, maximum is 30. Deadline may...
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    SG United 2008 - The New Look

    Hey guys, Now, it appears that myself and Fili (now to be known as my bitch (H)) have taken the burden of SG United off of Ruud's valuable shoulders with the near-impossible task of trying to follow on from what an awesome job he's done in the past years, i'm going to say right at the start -...
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    Disallowed Goals

    Is it just me or are these a far too common occurance? Literally 2/3s of games either team will have a goal disallowed for offside/foul etc. Which usually leads to me getting quite a few touchline bans a season :$
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    Are they blind?!

    Right, i'm currently in my fourth season with Sheffield United after three pretty decent seasons considering (finishes of 6th, 8th and 8th). And due to the board's reluctance to give me the wage budget to get decent striker in (despite having the transfer money - Huntelaar available from Palermo...