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    Harlem Shake

    qrDkzDzQCr4 :rockman:
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    I'm so tempted to give FM13 a go, should probably get the six assignments I have left out the way first though. (H)
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    CmC62Eg82E8 (H)
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    Shokz Testimonial Match [R]

    Vv8gk29-eYI (H)
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    The Dating/Courtship Thread

    I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out, but it might just be for the best. I would not recommend to anyone getting romantically involved with a colleague - even if she felt the same - but that's just my personal opinion from my own very recent experience, if that's any consolation to you bro.
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

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    Manchester United [2012-2013]

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    FM Screenshot Thread

    Pimp tight.
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    Petrucci and Diane, the new Yorke and Cole. (H)
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    4WGHeQw49ws (H)
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    Im calling out the idiots that neg repped me 19 times

    First of all the picture I posted was that of Booker T - the five time WCW World Heavyweight Champion - and it was aimed in response to the lovely Emma Catson picture posted by Sir Tom and not anyone in specifically. To answer your second question, I believe that if you look at the picture you...
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    Im calling out the idiots that neg repped me 19 times

    This thread... "Just made it into my Fave 5 dawg! NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT?"
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    Happy Birthday Daz!

    Happy belated Birthday!:bob:
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    Happy birthday Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba

    Happy belated birthday old mandem.
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    4WGHeQw49ws (H) I was kinda tempted for nostalgia until I saw his wage demands, still a CM/FM ledge in my eyes. (H)
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    Yeah, done that for me while going to the tactics screen to make changes before. Fixture congestion ftw (H) This is quite a pleasing achievement If I dare say so, considering both Rangers and Celtic are able to spend between £10-15m on players and on top of that, over £30m a year wages. No...
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Amy Mac (H) VjDQ2L8LdjM