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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Still busy spamming I see? Anywhaaaay hardcore raiding aint for everyone, takes time skill and dedication, you probably lack the last two. oh no I didnt!! Also now I'm married instead of just engaged so theres that also
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    NBA Thread 2011-2012

    You need a playmaker. Someone @~ Feltons quality would greatly improve the knicks. Doesnt mean you'll be winning championships buy with a playmaker theres a chance of getting to the conf finals. Then again, Its never too late to trade Melo and Amare ;o
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    SG United 2012 Initial Application Thread

    oh ma-gawd oh ma gawd! First Name: Alex Second Name: ... (empty) Common Name: Áļéאָ Date of Birth: Aug 21 1982 Nationality: Eng Squad Number: 11/12 or 34 Favourite Position: Wing Back 2nd Position (optional): MR 3rd Position (optional): DR
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    Haaaiii. Ive been busy spliting my time between work and raiding in an mmo :P (yes lame i know..) so no FM the last year or so for me (one of the reasons ive gone awol the last couple years) Just a preview vid ULdAmmVol8g Unfortunately youtube is being a bitch and wont allow me to...
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Was turned off by last years game. It was closer to being a boats on tarmac sim than a F1 at that. And horrible turning AI
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    lol nevah! I remember every single pass and name i've ever used :P Oh yeah I watch F1 still (surprisingly), especially loving the BBC feed. Eddie always starting like "I have a feeling this will be Lewis Hamiltons weekend. Only to find him self wondering why he crashed on.. whoever he...
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Well I pretty much quit gaming the last couple of years.. untill recently (well.. 6 months ago) I picked up Rift and i usually play on nights after work, just doing raids mostly, atm in HK 5/10 :borat: Will post some pics laters ;-)
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    I go away for 3 years, I log back and I cant mod stuff anymore??!! :facepalm: Oh and hey. What happened to this place btw, did it loose its official "unofficial fifasite" stauts or something? Looks seriously dead :( edit: woah it's been like.. minutes already and not one single reply!! WHAT...
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    Get your iPhone Clone

    Hopefully these wont explode like them apples
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    TV Shows aka Sir Didier being upset that non-hipsters like Game of Thrones

    I just couldnt get into lost.. Ive recently watched the whole 3rd season of Dexter (within a week) and im just 2 eps behind the current season of entourage. Also watching eps from the office and 2and a half men whenever i have free time. I started watching fringe from day 1. I liked it...
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    smack me **** * ** ** ** $%@#$ :( me want 105.000 too :(
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    Formula One discussion - Season 2009

    you speak as if kers is an illegal drug or something. kers has actually cost a lot to all teams that tried to develop it and it has cost them both in overall car speed and reliability (besides costing them a ton of money). The fact that it is starting to give those teams the ability to actually...
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    Download problems ..

    do you have any script blocking applications? Have you tried a different browser?
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    haha, what a pussy (H)
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    5 seasons and they are still not regularly in the top 3. Great team but somehow they never make it all the way. Same with atletico in spain, they didn't even make it to the top 10 last season and they have a team that's ~same as good as mine, if not better
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    Bayern actually grow weaker every season in my game. They have a loan I think, so they don't have the cash to replace their players when they leave
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    I finished 9th with hoff in my first season.. :(
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    Which club/team do u hate the most?

    hate each other as much as you like. Just keep it out of here