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    Brazilian Kits by Rorschach

    i take it you dont make kits for the 1st division? nice kits btw
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    Regularcat's FIFA 11 Kits & Minikits

    ok cool found a couple pics found a pic of what seems like new jerseys...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 11 Kits & Minikits

    thanks any chance of GK kit?
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    The Best 100 National Team in The World

    if i havent done any mods other than add MLs allstars and change kits can i use this patch?
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    Cesc's Minikits [EA Style]

    can u make fenerbahce white and blue kit minikit plzzzzzzz
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    Mogolos and kits

    amazing fenerbache may i ask when bumps coming?
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    Pepis Tailor shop 10/11

    nice but the blue is to light on the MLS all star kit and there needs to have the "harness like"(the silverish parT) watermark on bump to make it shiny other than that perfect great job
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    Kits by Prame33

    or you can just make the bumps which do same thing
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    New_Maker's kits

    someone ban or suspend this idiot already hes spamming every single thread telling ppl to make a kit for him and its annoying
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    Kits by Raul

    already been made by other people try searching we dont need 100 versions of Same kit when theres alot of kits that havent been made yet a
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    Fonts by Adriano FIFA11

    thanks but ones in game arent EPL lettering there some other lettering i still dont get why EA dont put real lettering into game on console and pc
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    Fonts by Adriano FIFA11

    adriolov can u make current EPL LEttering? (obviously cant get the 21nd color just 1 color) thanks i wish i knew how to make pictures into fonts or id do it myself
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    ManUtdFan20's Kit Workshop

    dont forget to update ur index :) EDIT: any1 know if theres minikits for these retro kits?
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    how do u change ref kits with CM11?

    how do u change ref kits with CM11? cant figure it out
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    LordSpawn's NUMBERS 2011

    really? must be imageshack
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    LordSpawn's NUMBERS 2011

    TY unfortunetly i cant post as much as i did before. btw does anyone know how to post multiple embeded imageshack pics side by side? i kinda did it with 0 and 1 byaccident
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    LordSpawn's NUMBERS 2011

    yes but mine are 100% accurate.
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    LordSpawn's NUMBERS 2011

    im back but i wot be making too many numbers unfortunetly. REAL MADRID HOME for this i took images directly from real madrid shop and i didnt remove the white parts inside the numbers (the very small parts) so just use this for HOme kit works perfectly fine. once away numbers show up on shop...
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    Kits by Raul

    we need to complete EPL lots still missing