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  1. Tonce

    Tonce's Kits

    Probably won't do a lot of kits this year but might as well open a thread :) EA's kitmaking quality has really improved since they made 2048x2048 the default, but I'll probably still make my version for some teams
  2. Tonce

    Tonce's Kits

    Guess I'll be doing some kits this year as well ;) Look out for my EPL kitpack around the time of FIFA 16 release
  3. Tonce

    Tonce's Kits

    New FIFA, new thread! Be sure to check out my Premier League kitpack here
  4. Tonce

    Tonce's 14-15 Kits

    Hello everyone I'm back :) I'll make kits for the next season. There are some leaked ones that I will start making now :) Preview: Chelsea 14-15 Home kit:
  5. Tonce

    SoccerGaming Pro Club?

    Anybody interested? If a such pro club already exists, please post here :)
  6. Tonce

    Tonce's Kits

    Hello again! FIFA 14 is out soon so I'm moving my thread here :) INDEX: (It's a bit outdated, I will update it soon. I have also removed all the PL and Championship teams as you can find them in the PL (and soon CS) kitpack.) AC Milan Home, away and third FC Barcelona Home, Away, GK kits...
  7. Tonce

    Tonce's '14 Covers

    Decided to open my own thread because I saw other people had done it as well :) Here are my 2 first covers. Viking FK Chelsea I take requests! But you have to provide the images yourself. They have to be in...
  8. Tonce

    Tonce's Kits

    INDEX: AC Milan Home, away and third Arsenal Away Aston Villa Home Away GK FC Barcelona Home, Away, GK kits Bayern Munich Home Blackburn Rovers Home Away Benfica Home Bolton Home and GK Away Birmingham City Home Bristol City Home Cardiff Home Away and third Celtic Home Away Chelsea...
  9. Tonce

    Tonce's Tippeligaen Kits

    Hello! I'm a new kitmaker here, and I want to make the new Tippeligaen kits for the 2013 season :) My biggest weakness is the templates, so they will probably be wrong! But I just want to make the kits look atleast a little correct ;) Big thanks to the brothers kitshop for letting me use their...
  10. Tonce

    Exporting Kit Textures From FIFA 13 ?

    Hello everybody! Does anyone know how to export textures from FIFA 13? I want to take a look at the kits from my country's league and have them in FIFA 12 aswell :) I've tried searching on google and on this forum, but I couldn't find anything Thanks in advance :)