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    ->Wht's Ur Team ? Who's Ur KEY Player ?<-

    My team is France i won all my matches ans cups with this team , Guess who's my key player (not Henry nor Zidane) He is VIERA This man can control the midfield like M.Jordan with the bulls , he is a play maker , great header , Best defender EVER in this game . A friend of mine has his key...
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    World All Stars File .

    I created a W.A.S team through ML . Now any one can play as W.A.S in friendly matches By loading ML data .The file is in the attachments .
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    ------->Make Your Dream Team<---------

    I don't know if this is considered as cheating or having fun . but i shall put the way here if any one wants to make a dream team for master league or friendly matches . 1-turn auto saving off for the option file . 2-go to edit then register player then club registring . 3-choose the club...
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    --Tips & Tricks--

    I saw there is no tips & tricks thread in here and some other forums has full section for it . So opening a new thread for Tips Or Tricks might help some of us to win there matches or pass there seasons . Here is my first tip if you are loosin by 1 or 2 goals switch your strategy to ALL...
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    Roster Update from

    Fifax has uploaded a transfer patch by kezman and here is the link
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    Tips & Tricks

    This is the Tips & Tricks thread if anyone discover a new Tips Or Trick please post it here , If anyone looking for any this is the place .
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    Confused before buying .

    Before buying any thing new for my pc . Does any one have his game(WE8I) runs smooth in high details on FX 5200 ? . And by the way does any one have his game runs smooth in high details by 512mb ram? PLz could any one reply Cuz i'm confused between buying 6600 GT or 1028mb ram .
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    Help for a Hint !

    Can any one tell me how to waste time in last 5 min in match like what henry does when he stands his face to the corner cone and his back to the pushing defenders .
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    Questions ?

    HI People i play fifa recently after i'm bored with WE so could any one help me in this : 1- Is there is any patch that have all 05/06 kits? 2- What is the latest roster patch? 3-Could any one give me the face list of the game? 4-Is there is any solution for the whistle problem at the end of...
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    New gameplay style .

    After playing about hundreds of matches i had a lousy conclusion that 3 stars is not easier than 6 stars but it gives you a very different gameplay feeling . Any football fan that watches more than league in reality knows that every league has its own gameplay style (EPL:long passes &...
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    You are thinking wrong !!

    I readed most of the wishes that you guys wanted (fifa gamers) , it worth zero . A clever gamer who wants to enjoy his game for more than 2 months will ask for a more stable game that you can edit the hell out of it without crashing . Didn't you notice that the more EA adds to the game the more...
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    My very late but true conclusion

    After reading most of techenical threads in many sites i figured that the speed and grafix ( details : high or low ) of we8 or pes4 is depending on this elements by this order : 1-Memory of vga card (64-128-265) . 2-Ram memory (265-512-1024) . 3-Programs running in back ground . 4-Chipset...
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    Japan national team !

    If any one ever played with the japan national team and looked at their abilities they an extra abilities for defenders abd gk . isn't this konami of euroe who made (translate) the game ?!!
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    To pc players:Best way to play a smooth pes4 !

    1-throw away you pc pes4 . 2-buy a dvd-rom if you don't have one . 3-download a playstation2 emulator from the internet . 4-buy a playstation2 pes4. 5-play the ps2 pes4 on yor pc through the emulator . 6-have fun .
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    Help Please !

    I have p4 (2.4gh) --- gefocre fx5200 (125mb) --- ram (512mb) --- windows xp the problem is when i run pes 800x600 medium the is fast but not smooth as 800x600 low . what is the problem ?
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    To be honest .

    Which is more enjoyable pes3 or pes4 ?
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    Idea !

    Could any one plz post a faces faqs till our day with : face - team - maker - download site - rating thnx in advance
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    Any 1 Masrawy ?

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    Have we forgot about cup celebrations ?

    We are missing the winning cup celebrations + the sub. celeb. +updated player celeb . carols is no more doing this celeb after scoring goal nor ronaldo nor pires ....etc.
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    Konami Is Goin' Ea .

    Well as any open minded gamer would notice that fifa was best till 99 (the top) then it began to get **** every year . The thing i'm afraid of that konami is goin' to do like EA pes3 was super . as i saw threads many who had played pes4 demo are not very convinced yet ...