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  1. Fifapat75

    The values for hair colors?

    Does anyone know the values for which hair colors they correspond to "haircolorcode"? 1, 2, 3, etc ...
  2. Fifapat75

    Program to create faces?

    I'm sure I'm about to say nonsense, but is there a program to create faces?
  3. Fifapat75

    Create players FIFA 20

    I was wondering if it was possible to create players from scratch, new players. In FIFA 19 there was SlimOntario's "CreationWizard", but for FIFA 20 it doesn't work. Is there another possibility to create players other than the in-game editor because you can create a maximum of 30?
  4. Fifapat75

    FIFAPAT Mods for FIFA21

    Hello everyone! I open these threads on my FIFA 21 mods and start with my camera mod. Now you can move further away from the field or zoom in to the maximum. Download >>>>>>>>>>>>> The next mod will concern Juventus...
  5. Fifapat75

    Help! No mane in Nainggolan

    Hi Friends, I have a slip, I can't get rid of the mane in Nainggolan. I used to do this in FIFA 18 but I lost my tutorial. Someone to help me out, thank you.
  6. Fifapat75

    Play a full game in the Practice Arena

    Is it possible to create a mod to play a full game in the Practice Arena? If the answer is yes how do I find the Practice Arena in Frosty?
  7. Fifapat75

    No public in the stands.

    How do you do with Frosty to remove the public from the stands?
  8. Fifapat75


    I will insert my mods here. I start with the TV cameras mod. All TV cameras have enhanced zoom and height, as you can see from the photos you can increase the zoom and height as you wish. To be installed with: FrostyModManager v1.0.5.7 Download Free >>>>...
  9. Fifapat75

    Fancy Kits

    Where can I find fancy kits, not attributable to any team, that can be included with Frosty?