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    Please ignore this thread-needed for a draw

    Sorry for the Ot but I need this for a draw , we are setting up a fifa08 tournament and needed a neutral ground to post the numbers for the draw as reference. Just don't delete this please for today, thanks a. ultralisk b. mastersyban c.exboxer d.akis360 1. steliosst 2.alou 3.sparrow...
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    PC version available for preloading

    If you can trust d/l the game from EA and being able to play it as soon as they officially launch it... Edit: what happens is you d/l 99% of the game and can only d/l the remaining 1% and the decryption key on the release day, which...
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    IGN hands on preview: only 140 teams in 360!!

    Crap! Some might say I don't care as long as EPL or La Liga or Serie A is in there but, still, that's crap!! : (edit: EA confirms there are 156 teams on the final release) EA rebuilds its next-gen soccer title from the ground up. How does it feel? The first true FIFA title on 360 is...
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    These are the star players in WC06!

    (I'll copy from my post in other forum) IGN's article "Approaching 90 minutes, down a goal, a shot at the Cup on the line. Coach is screaming at you, even your teammates are screaming at you: get the ball to your stars. In crunch time in the upcoming 2006 FIFA World Cup, you'll need to...
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    Official site just launched! nothing much there yet though :kader:
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    Kit raptor question

    For anybody using Kit Raptor, would you please let me know how to undo changes i did with it? Thanks.