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    PESedit patch 2.0 for PES11 error

    Hey guys! ;) Could anyine help me... ;( Yesterday i donwloaded PESedit patch 2.0 for PES 2011 Instaled it + fix 2.01, also instaled latest directx, all is perfect exept one... When i try to save ML or BAL game crashes with "don`t send error" How can i fix it? P.s. also i have...
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    Rosters 2010 - 2011??

    Does anyone have nice roster patch with all transfers for new season? I can't find anyything, so please, if someone knows, please tell me! ;)
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    FM 2010 new teams....

    Hi guys! :) I have one question about Football Manager 2010. Is there some patch or something else to get new teams, like from Latvia, with their real rosters :) Thanks!
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    Promlem with MM :(

    Hey guys! What could be a problem, that i can`t play no more manager mode, fifa just crashes when i go into manager mode, even when i try to make new mm :( EDIT: i cant play almost anythint (not MM not season not be apro) only play now :@ :(
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    Question about fm10

    Hi! :) I have one little question about fm10.... Can i put the save game directory on hard drive D not on C (where is my windows files...) Instal folder can be in hard drive D, but whats about save games folder etc.? thanks! ;)
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    briedizz FIFA10 gfx

    Hey guys! ;) Myb someone remember me, i am not profesional, but i like to work with photoshop :) So this will be my fifa10 gfx (kits, flags, etc.) thread. P.S. If someone want to see my works which isn`t for FIFA, you can see them @ my DA: Wait for...
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    New national team.... ?

    Hi there! I have question! If i put some patch of some contry, example Latvia, could I play in Be a pro mode in this contry too? If yes, then there are another question, is there any one who would like to create Baltic patch, like it was on FIFA 09 or 08? P.S. Happy New Year :D
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    who want to make patch? :D

    Hi there! :) I would like to ask if here is anyone who want to make patch for FIFA10 with Latvian Virsliga and Latvia nacional team? i can help only with visual side (baners, flags, adboards, myb kits) :( anybody?? Thank you...
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    Hi! Have you ever heard about I think - yes! But if no... This is nice site where you need to get points, and then you can change them for nice things :) Like Ipod, xbox games, PS3 and so on.... If you want to register there just send me your email and i will send you invite...
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    briedizz faces! [BEGINER]

    Hi! I liked to start make faces for FIFA! I try it and i like it... Here is my first face of Quaresma... In game he looks like devil :D becouse he`s eyebrows are too much up in ear :D
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    .::briedizz PS works::.

    Here you can see some of my Photoshop works... You can coment them, and ask me if you want some signature or avatar, myb i will make it for you! ;)
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    Small packs for team Latvia!

    Hi,these are first files for fifa, what i have made ever! Click on image to download! Click on image to download! Click on image to download!
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    Problem with adboards... :(

    Hi! I hope you will help me.... I heve instaled generic adboards patch... I have RTWC patch too. Now I created my own adboards, and i wanted to insert them in fifa! I use creation master 09. Have you can see in screen: screen link it need to be good, but in play are old generic patch...
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    face template

    Hi! I want to start to make faces! I downloaded Oedit but i can`t find that face template (that 3d model) Where ca I download it? please help! :) Thx!