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    SG Career Mode Footie

    Let's kickoff lads..:p Err, uhm. Anyroad, retired before I got the call up to represent England in the WC. 'Course, I missed the peno.
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    Help Ewan Run 42km (and live to tell about it) Campaign

    Anyone with prior marathon experience can help? Still in early training. Ta.
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    Turn A Porno Safe-For-Work

    Take a porno picture and make it look innocent by paint or photoshop.
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    Soccer Gaming Chat

    Brought to you by gabbly. :ewan:
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    Talking to inanimate objects?

    Having survived the latest assassination by cheese attempt by the infidels, I got to thinking. I talk to inanimate objects all the time. Perhaps all, like me, have yet to let go of the idea we have the power to influence inanimate objects by sheer willpower. It's like a form of casting spells...
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    Have I been poisoned?

    I've just found the most incredible cheese, camembert, except now my nose is stinging with ammonia (unmistakable), is this misfortunate? I didn't know cheese have ammonia in them. How do i counteract this? Is NH4+ less toxic somehow than NH3? Because I have some very good vinegar I've been...
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    Guess the EPL star in drag

    Answers on a postcard. Kickoff the league already! Can't wait :fool:
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    Lampard: "Gerrard is a better footballer than me" RH: What are the main differences between José and Claudio, and how do you think we would have done as a team if Claudio had stayed? FL: Training's completely different now. It used to be a lot of running and work...
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    So I decided to apply for the Middlesbrough job...

    well, I didn't, but this lad did and how close did he come to landing it, ya tell me! :D
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    Owen Out for 5 Months

    Euro 2008? Poor lad. The worst fears of Michael Owen and England have been realised after a scan revealed the striker will miss the next five months with cruciate ligament damage.
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    A Sign of Things To Come?

    2005 3-0 down CL FINAL level to 3-3 win on Pens 2006 2-0 down FA FINAL level to 3-3 win on Pens 2005 Dudek howlers in 90 mins final 2006 Reina howlers in 90 mins final 2005 Dudek thinning hair 2006 Reina thinning, almost no hair 2005 Dudek HAND OF GOD versus Shevchenko 2006...
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    Did you see this man near east London today?

    Carrying these?
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    Rooney Rehab Progress - Latest

    Monday 1st May 08.00am Wayne spends 45 minutes looking for his other sock. Luckily for Wayne, Sven Goran Eriksson, England, The Great British Public, and every football fan in the world, Coleen wakes up and advises Wayne that he's actually got his foot in a cast, and there is no matching sock...
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    I went to a zoo the other day..

    It only had a dog in it.
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    So I was wondering like, why is it that some of my players' physical stats drop off rather markedly as opposed to others who seem to maintain theirs at a good level? What is the value that determines this, if any? I have players like Alonso and Pennant, first team regulars, whose physical stats...
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    The Disappearance of Islam

    Police Search for Missing Athletes Wednesday, 22 March , 2006 08:24:00 Police are still searching for two athletes missing from the Commonwealth Games village. A boxer from Tanzania was last seen on Monday morning and a runner from Bangladesh disappeared on Monday night. Neither...
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    Chelsea Agree Henry Deal

    Massive deal.
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    The Princess Diaries

    Hiyaaaaaaaaa, Been a long time since I wrote so I thought i'd fill you in on my Chrissymas. At first I thought that, that mean funny-accented Sir would make me go into training on the 25th Shocked but then Carlos let me touch him on his special part and I got the day off. Very Happy Anyway, I...