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  1. Blds11

    practice arena

    when i change a new training arena it becomes too dark why ? can anyone help ?
  2. Blds11

    How I can convert PS3.rx3 files to PC.rx3 ?

    Does anyone have a tool or can tell me what i do to convert .rx3 files from ps3 to pc ?
  3. Blds11

    Fifa 14 soundtrack

    How can i change the songs in Fifa 14 ? I tried with fifamod but in vain the game cant read it so help me if u can i want to collect all the best old songs from fifa 98 to 18 for the classic patch . Just imagine the FIFA00-01-03-04-06-08 ect... songs in the game one more time .
  4. Blds11

    Graphics and Gameplay

    Forget the grey color even in rain the net is pure white