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    The sh!t hit the fan? :taz:
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    @ Shifty, Bobby etc...: Regarding roads in U.S.

    Well, I've been reading some stuff about American Suburbia for my uni course, and one of the pictures posted by Shifty in the Member Photo Thread got me thinking... One of central themes in the course has been a persistent anti-urban slant in federal funding for roads, transit etc. throughout...
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    Disabling Laptop Touchpad?

    I've been trying to find a way to disable my laptop's touchpad, but I've had no luck so far, so now I turn to the geeks of SG for some help. :( I've tried looking in Settings > Control Panel > Mouse, but it'll only allow me to disable my USB-mouse. :| It also won't let me change the...
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    Faith No More Reunion + European Tour And they're coming to Roskilde this year as well! Fu*king awesome!
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    Worked fine last night, now it's being gay, can't even start it. Error message: 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem C:\Documents and Settings\Dragan\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Mozilla Firefox.lnk C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\S32EVNT1.DLL An installable Virtual Device...
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    Hey Mandieta6 Photo Gallery > bottom photo ?(H)
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    Denmark vs. Sweden [P + R]

    So it's 3-3 with about 3 minutes of regular time to go when this sh!t happens: The Swedes are attacking, and one of their players is lying down on the gorund all of a sudden (Rosenberg). The referee consults his linesman who informs him (which the camera footage proves as well) that Christian...
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    Spain vs. Denmark [P + R]

    Wow, so many Barca fans here, and not one makes a thread for the Spain vs. Denmark game? (6) Spain has farked Denmark in the past in important games, so a 2-1 win for the Spaniards wouldn't surprise me, then again, they've been doing sh!t in these qualifiers, so I'd be happy with a draw....2-2.
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    Akira Kurosawa Collection

    I've been looking at this Kurosawa collection for a long time, which consists of 5 smaller (and separate) boxes, in 5 different colours (red, blue, white, black and grey). Each box has 3 movies, and costs 300 Danish kroner, which is about 45€. Today, however, I saw all the boxes at a lower...
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    What the hell is this?! (NOD32 problem)

    I get this error message once every hour on average, and while there seems to be nothing terribly wrong (never had issues with NOD scanning, or crashing) it is weird that this error comes so often. Furthermore it can be annoying as hell if I'm playing PES5 or UT. Any help would be appreciated.
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    The most annoying club team

    i'll go for Chelsea..surely.. with tons of "import" can this team can be called as English club team? these players only came for Chelsea like 3-5 years to play in the P-League for very high wages, paid by KGB fundings... booooo fu*king gay:boohoo:
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    Happy Birthday Shifty!!!

    Just wanted to wish my Slavic brother Shifty (Run DMB) a very happy birthday, or as they say in Dullgaria: Честит рожден ден! Definitely one of the funnier and more respectable members of these forums, and I...
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    Happy Birthday Denis!!!

    Happy Birthday min!!! I love you, and here's some birthday positive rep...just for you!!! (H)
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    A picture of sperm [W + E]

    I love this place :(
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    The mother of ALL "What If" threads... [P+R]

    If SG didn't exist, would n00bs still be making sh!te threads?
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    What the hell?!

    It seems like my gfx card has started acting up (again! (I've had this problem before). The screenshot shows how my screen looks like all the time, hell I can barely read what I'm writing here :|. Any one know what might be a solution? I mentioned how I've had this problem before, and last time...
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    WC Group F: Brazil vs. Croatia [P + R]

    Damn, so many Brazilians here and none have started a thread about this game? What gives? VS. Starting line-ups (taken from Brazil: -----------Dida------------- Cafu - Juan - Lucio - R.Carlos Ronaldinho - Ze Roberto - Emerson - Kaka ------Adriano -...