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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Yes, here it is, the first trailer for UEFA EURO 2008: As you can see, now weather is included in the game. Hurrayyy! :)
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    Can You Fifa 08?

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    PES fans, FIFA 08 is eating you up!

    How can PES answer all the FIFA 08 madness? Watch this clip: Can this be real?
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    FIFA 08 Next-Gen thread

    As the season of FIFA 08 on the Next-Gen consoles is coming I think that we have to assign a sticked thread specially made for FIFA 08 on Next-Gen. Any news, multimedia or previews can be posted here for fewer search times and less "Next-Gen" threads all over the FIFA 08 forum. Enjoy! :)
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    FIFA 08 website, up and running

    Check out on: ===================================== Key Features Manual Controls — Dictate the play with new manual controls for through-passing and crossing. Control the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations to deny the striker yourself. Use the...
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    New FIFA 08 Next-Gen Video!

    Here is a video uploaded by a user and shot from inside an EA conference. The video gives us a hint on how will the special moves look and feel inside the game. Lovely improvements and best off all, the players jump and fight for the ball in mid-air! :D And here is the video...
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    New FIFA 08 on 360 or PS3 from and gamespot!

    Here is an interview with Jozy Altidore (MLB player) and some images of him from inside the FIFA 08 game. Here is a link to the interview:;picks;title;1...
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    Biggy's Gameplay Update for FIFA 07 (PC) (Discussion Thread)

    Hey guys, The season of FIFA 07 has started, and I'm kind of happy with the improvements that EA had made to the game engine. It make me wonder why haven't they implement these new values in earlier versions?? Anyways, we all know that this game is and will never be a perfect game, maybe it...
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    Official Transfers Database Update! (Official by EA)

    As I told you guys, EA has released an update for the squad in FIFA 07. They'll do the same every month. :) Enjoy!
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    Opinions and Thoughts on the FIFA 07 Demo. (Shared)

    I've seen a lot of threads spread out here and there under the name of FIFA 07 Demo; so, here is a thread that you all can share ideas, thoughts and multimedia of FIFA 07 Demo mainly for PC version, and any other console if you like. Have fun and enjoy. I'll be providing you with a little...
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    Moaning for Fifa 2007 on XBOX 360

    Yeah baby; our friend OckHAM suggested that we open one single thread that involves any talk about how SEXY is FIFA 07 on Xbox 360. This thread is not opened for negatives on FIFA 07 on Xbox 360, it's only for the people who would love to have multiple orgasms talking about the only hot and...
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    A video interview for FIFA 07 next-gen

    Check out this video interview with EA about the next-gen mechanics of FIFA 07 on Xbox 360. Have fun! :)
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    PS3's Controller, or should I say an Xbox 360 rip-off! (Funny)

    hi guys, I know that some of you are totally pissed of why I opened this thread here, but seriously guys, what you are going to see is 100% comedy! lol. An MTV interviewer has this talk with a guy from the PS3 division in GC 2006...
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    About FIFA 07, but a-must read! Are you ready PES fans for some ass whoopingggg... HAHAHA. :crazyboy:
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    Pro Evo and FIFA Not so Exclusive!

    This is what I found in the IGN website: I have been fooled by the news! lol
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    EA reveales FIFA 07 on Xbox 360! (Report)

    Here is what was posted on fifa07 official web page. I'm going CRAZYYYYYYYY!!! I want the game nowwww.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :gavin: :crazyboy: :crazyboy: :Bow: :Bow: :crazyboy: :gavin: :crazyboy:
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    New Video from Gametrailers

    Check it out! :) Same lame stuff I've been talking about on the other threads, and as many said, FIFA 07 is FIFA 06 content + modified game play files... Nothing new at all. seriously nothing. (Except for the new animations...
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    Officiall FIFA 07 Cover Box (Announced)

    Here it is guys, offciailly announced by the EA FIFA 07 main site, Ronaldinho and Rooney are back in to action. They added: "Brazilian International and two-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho of Barcelona will feature alongside PFA Young Player of the Year Wayne Rooney of...
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    EuroGamer interview with FIFA 07 Producer Joe Booth

    EuroGamer caught up with FIFA 07 Producer Joe Booth and fired off a few questions. Check it out at this link: Click Here
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    Release date for demo?

    Is it going to be out on September or November? :fluffy: