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  1. Peppino_86

    Alternative Kit GK Milan
  2. Peppino_86

    Team commentators

    Hello, I need help, I am creating the lower categories of the Italian Serie A and I used the Japanese championship and the Australian championship, but I have a problem with the comment, does anyone know how you manage to remove the name of the team from the commentators?
  3. Peppino_86

    Kits By Peppino_nerd

    Naples Special shirt, color/coeff/normal Download:
  4. Peppino_86

    Mod for Serie A-TimCup-SuperCupITA

    I created this mod to update the Serie A, Serie B, TimCup, SuperCupITA. Many textures of the Serie A are taken from fifa21, the logos of the Serie B TimCup and SuperCup I made them. Almost all banners and flags have been updated. I have also updated all the sources of the team numbers and the...
  5. Peppino_86

    Sleeve patch

    Hi, I need help, I can not apply the patches of the "BKT ita series" to all the teams in the championship, can anyone tell me what settings I have to go to change?
  6. Peppino_86

    help, change fontname fifa 20.

    Hi I'm Giuseppe, I'm creating a mod and I'm going crazy with Frosty Editor, I'd like to change the jersey fontname but I can't find any guide on the internet. Does anyone know how to make this change?